mine: cm

every episode of criminal minds
  • Reid: *is injured and/or just having a hard time right now also he's probably on the floor*
  • Morgan: *worried about Reid*
  • Garcia: *worried about everyone*
  • Morgan and Garcia: *verbally doing it while they worry*
  • Prentiss: *speaking every language at once while shooting bottles off a fence from 6 miles away* *sins to win*
  • JJ: *being an actual angel she is literally floating while a choir sings heavenly in the background*
  • Hotch: *can't see because he's been trying to find his way out from under his eyebrows the entire episode* *eventually does, gets the job done, and goes home to his son*
  • Rossi: *getting in everybody else's shit so he can hear about their drama and write about it but not help*
  • Rossi: *spaghettis*