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If you're writing a d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing Character . . .
  • Deafness and being Hard of Hearing encompasses a wide range of hearing loss, and d/Deaf/HoH people communicate in different ways. Whether a person sees themselves as deaf or Hard of Hearing is a very individual thing. Being deaf does not mean you can hear no sound at all, and very few people have this level of hearing loss. The distinction between deaf and Deaf is that deafness is an audiological condition, while being Deaf is a cultural and personal identity based on shared experience, language, and history. Not all d/Deaf/HoH people know sign language, and may use a variety of methods to communicate, which may change given the situation or whether they are speaking to another d/Deaf/HoH person or a Hearing person.
  • Hearing aids and cochlear implants are not like “glasses for your ears.” For the vast majority of people who need vision correction, glasses or contacts can help them see just as well as people who don’t need correction. But hearing aids aren’t like glasses–magnification of a sound doesn’t work in the same way as magnification of an image. Cochlear implants can help someone with severe hearing loss hear, but the hearing these implants provide is completely different from what a Hearing person experiences. These devices merely help a person with hearing loss hear better than they could without them, and what that means varies quite a bit from person to person. In addition, not everyone gets much help from these devices, and many people are not good candidates for cochlear implants or find them controversial.
  • Hearing aids and cochlear implants do not make a d/Deaf/HoH person Hearing. As soon as the person takes out their hearing aids or other assistive device, the challenges associated with their hearing loss are just as they were before. People don’t generally wear their hearing aids or the outer portion of cochlear implants all the time. This could mean they only take them out to sleep and shower, or it could mean that they only wear them when they most need them. When a person is wearing them, they are still deaf/HoH, and will likely still experience problems associated with that.
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing people often hear better in different situations, and hearing loss varies widely between d/Deaf/HoH people. People who are d/Deaf/HoH may hear better in small group situations, when their conversational partner is facing them, and may have trouble with certain frequencies of sound more than other frequencies. For example, they made have trouble understanding conversational speech because most of their hearing loss is high frequency, but be able to hear lower pitched sounds with less difficulty. Other factors that can impact a d/Deaf/HoH person’s ability to hear something include crowded places with lots of background noise and walking on narrow sidewalks where their conversational partner is walking in front of them and facing away. 
  • Lipreading isn’t easy or accurate. Lipreading can help a d/Deaf/HoH person understand what is being said, but it’s not easy and many people either cannot do it or aren’t that good at it. Lipreading works best when good lighting is available, the speaker enunciates clearly and does not mumble, and is facing the lipreader. Even people who are skilled at lipreading will still struggle with understanding what is being said, and have to use clues about context and word order to piece together speech. This can be exhausting to do constantly, and generally isn’t enough on it’s own. Not understanding what the people around you are saying can be very isolating.
  • Sign language isn’t a visual form of English, and there isn’t just one sign language. American Sign Language is not a a way to speak English with your hands. ASL has distinct rules that do not correspond to English grammar, and ASL does not correspond to the geographic locations where English is spoken. American Sign Language and British Sign Language are distinct, not mutually-intelligible languages, and there are many others around the globe. If your Deaf character grew up and lives in Russia, they probably use Russian Sign Language, not American.
  • You don’t need to write out the gestures and motions of a character speaking who’s speaking sign language. If your character is communicating in sign language, you may not be sure how to best transcribe what they are saying. Some people will translate the speech into English and italicize it to show that it is a translation. Some people will communicate the meaning of what was being said, rather than writing out any explicit dialogue. But trying to write out the actual physical gestures and adequately describe what a sign or string of signs looks like is just unwieldy and is rarely as clear as you think it is. Not only is this frustrating for actual users of the particular sign language, but most of the people reading your story are probably not going to be sign language users.
  • Avoid simultaneous communication in both vocal and signed language. Simultaneous communication, or sim com, is a system that people sometimes use, but it doesn’t actually make for very good communication. Hearing users of sim com will often forget to sign certain parts of what they are saying or will sign in the grammatical structure of the vocal language rather than the signed one, making their use of language inaccessible to the deaf/HoH person that they are trying to communicate with. Many deaf/HoH people cannot hear or struggle to hear vocal language, which means that they are getting no benefit from their conversational partner using both languages.
deaf!steve modern au
  • steve’s not the best at lip reading as a kid, so bucky forces his parents to find someone who can teach the both of them ASL so bucky can communicate with steve when he doesn’t have his aids in
  • whenever steve stays the night, bucky makes sure he has a case on his bedside especially for steve’s hearing aids
  • he also makes sure he always falls asleep facing steve, so that when they wake up they can communicate immediately
  • when someone at school starts picking on steve for needing his aids, instead of helping him find more inconspicuous ones (’you shouldn’t be ashamed of ‘em, stevie’), he starts turning up with huge ear muffs on so people stop snickering at steve
  • fireworks sometimes hurt for steve to listen to, so every fourth of july he takes the hearing aids out and rests his head on bucky’s shoulder and watches all the colours explode; and bucky falls in love with him a little more each year
  • in high school, steve gets so tired of listening to tony ramble on about science or being his usual flamboyant self that he sometimes just slips his hearing aids out and literally tunes out - bucky thinks it’s the funniest thing on earth, but it takes tony years to figure it out
  • steve and clint like to fuck with their friends by pretending that they can’t hear what someone’s saying when they totally can
  • bucky insists that every single one of their friends learns at least some simple ASL not just for steve, but for clint too
  • to nobody’s surprise, natasha’s been learning since she was a kid
  • when bucky starts to play piano fluently, steve likes to place his hands on the side of it and feel the vibrations with his eyes closed instead of listening; bucky watches him the entire time with a smile on his face
  • after bucky kisses steve for the first time, he takes a step back and points to himself, crosses his forearms over the other and lets one of them drop, then points to steve with his palm up - signing ‘i love you’ with a timid smile on his face
  • (steve’s too overwhelmed to respond as such, and with tears in his eyes he just brings bucky in for another kiss)
  • at their wedding, they both recite their vows at the same time they sign them
  • and if they make up their own translation of ‘til the end of the line,’ that’s their business

Master assassins at their finest everyone

UPDATE: I can’t believe I have to say this but here it goes. I wasn’t criticizing the characters and their fighting skills. This was meant to be a funny little joke that I wanted to share. So everyone who has an issue and felt the need to tell me how practical their techniques actually are…CHILL THE HELL OUT.

Imagine the reverse of Clint Barton’s and Natasha Romanoff’s backstories.

Imagine Clint, an orphan, raised from childhood as a notorious assassin. “Watch out for Hawkeye,” they say, “you can’t hide from him, he sees everything.”

Imagine Natasha growing up in a circus, an acrobat. The Black Widow, the posters say, this tiny black and red thing in her web of ropes and ribbon. Imagine Natasha turned vigilante, turned Shield agent.

Imagine that they send Natasha to take down Clint.

Imagine that she traps him, but before she makes her move, she sees something behind those all-seeing eyes.

Imagine that she makes a different call.

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Clint Barton x Reader

Request: Clint x reader where her superhero name is mockingjay and she comes across Clint in his Hawkeye suit & he falls in love & the team makes fun of the name cause their bird names he tracks her down and ask her for dinner and she agrees cute & fluffy
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings, injuries mention
2, 479 words

Notes: THIS TOOK ME SOOOOOOOOOOOOO LONG, WHAT THE FUCK. I’m so sorry for the fucking long wait, my nonny. Blame writer’s block and stuff. It took me some good 5 days to finish this and I’m not entirely happy with it buut…I hope you all like it! <3 I apologize for any mistakes since I didn’t really proof read. Thanks for the request, my dear anon!

2 weeks ago

Clint took a glance around him and sighed, muttering a small curse. 

It was monday. 
It was morning. 

He didn’t even have his coffee yet and none of that was making any sense. 

But HYDRA didn’t seem to care about that at all since they sent a whole squad of their remained soldiers to break the hell loose on New York streets. Again. 

Wanda was taking a few soldiers down with her powers, Pietro was flashing around to steal their guns (and make them trip purposely) while Nat and Steve were in hand combat with a group. 

And he was…well, he was supposed to be on a roof or at least trying to take a few soldiers down. Instead he was moping and observing the whole fight right in the middle of it. 

Pietro’s voice filled his ears and instantly his mind snapped, almost like in a deja-vu. 

“Hey old man, watch out!” Pietro screamed looking pointedly at him, ready to run as Clint turned around, seeing a HYDRA soldier ready to shoot him. 

Oh fuck, not again. 

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EMH Hulkeye where Bruce may be a head shorter than Clint but Clint knows that Bruce is the far more dangerous of the two, has seen it since the first time he teamed up with him to stop the spread of the gamma-field. Bruce is small and looks fragile but he shook off the transformation from a 10 foot monster back to himself with dignity and was immediately down to business. Bruce solves unsolvable problems and creates vaccines for gamma mutation in minutes with stuff he made from scratch in the middle of nowhere. God, what else might he be capable of…?

Hulk may be towering and intimidating and strong, but nothing unnerves Clint quite like the hard, calculating gaze in Bruce’s dark eyes when he looks at him. Clint is immediately drawn to him, but also is wary of this slight, dangerous man. Others often marvel at the fact that such a soft spoken and careful person can turn into this huge monstrous powerhouse but Clint, oh, he has seen the fire that burns in that so-called “mild-mannered” scientist’s eyes, and he isn’t surprised at all.