mine: clato


AU –  Clato meeting at the Combat Academy 

“I’ve been watching you for a while, throwing knives. And I must say you’re quite good for your age.”

“I guess you’re quite good yourself. Cato, right? It’s funny to see how you intimidate the masters with your sword skills. They fear you might stab them once you’re completely in your element. I just kind of noticed that.”

“Well, perhaps we should just become partners then, letting some heads roll.”

“Hmh. Sounds good.”



So, I was over at my friends house and we were watching The Hunger Games. You know the scene where Rue takes Cato’s sword? Well I was looking at the weapon Rue had in her hand, and it looked nothing like a sword. To me, it looked a lot like one of Clove’s knives. I mean come on, look how short the handle and blade are. I think that’s why they showed Clove with like a little smirk on her face. Maybe Cato promised her that he’ll get back her knife. I don’t know, maybe I’m just over-thinking things. But this Clato moment was too cute to overlook(:

these are little boys and little girls
who have only known alliances in the pretence of friendships,
playing kings and queens,
each has taken their turn under the guillotine.

it’s a game of musical chairs that
has lasted over ten years,
and they are all telling themselves
that they are sitting on thrones,
they wear these blindfolds like crowns.
they clutch their knives like sceptres.

they are all capital darlings to be,
they are all born killers,
no angel ever landed in district two.

—  ( remember how she screamed his name,
clove was never supposed to die this way. )