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REQUEST: Could u please do a Chris Shistad imagine

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PARING: Christoffer Schistad x reader

WARNINGS: sex language, lust


– Oh my fucking Gosh! What happened to your boyfriend?

The shock in Eva’s voice made her turn her head and then she saw him: Christoffer Schistad, her boyfriend, was crossing the yard, standing next to William and looking around, probably searching for his girlfriend. Y/n covered her face with her hands. Chris’ face was covered in bruises, his left check was crossed by a scratch and his right eye was black.

– I have no idea…

Y/n whispered and walked toward him. In the moment when Chris saw her, he smiled and opened his arms to let her in.

– What happened?

She asked ignoring his arms and gently touching her boyfriend’s face. He winced when she slowly brushed her finger on his split lip. All the eyes were on them, as always. The whole school was focused on The Penetrators all the time, Chris and William in particular; from time to time, it was quite stressing to Y/n.

– This?

He pointed to his face and giggled looking at her.

– Nothing to worry about.

He minimized and gave her a kiss on her forehead, she stepped back and looked at him.

– Christoffer, you look like you have been kicked out of a Fast and Furious movie, would you explain me who did this to your face?

She asked crossing her arms and looking at him, he sighed and run a hand through his hair.

– Do you want to go somewhere else?

He asked biting his lower lip. Y/n looked back at the girls and signed her to go inside the school without her, they nodded and waved.

– I have one condition: you have to be honest.

She said and he nodded grabbing her girlfriend’s hand. Chris’s car was parked just outside the school, ready to take them away from the probing glances of the whole Nissen.


– Does it hurt?

Y/n asked sitting next to Chris on the bench, her boyfriend shrugged. The park was almost empty, there were only a few people jogging or walking their dogs. It was a bit cold, so Y/n caressed her own arms to warm herself up and Chris hugged her. She caressed his hand before wrapping up her fingers to his.

– Who did this to you?

She whispered looking at him in the eyes, he brushed a lock of her hair behind her ear and smiled.

– Okay, there are these boys, the Yakuza boys. They are messing around with The Penetrators. A fight happened last week, Jacob got hurt, we just couldn’t let them get away with it. Yesterday night, things got a little bit out of control. There was a fight and I have to admit that it went too far. But I’m fine, really, luckily William was not there and Jacob is feeling a little bit better.

He explained to her and she looked at him, patiently listening and caressing his hand.

– I don’t want you to get in troubles again, I appreciate what you have done for Jacob, but please, be careful. I can’t bear the thought of someone hurting you.

She said and caressed his face, trying not to hurt him. Chris smiled and kissed her. The scratch on his lower lip rubbed on hers and she opened her mouth to let his tongue in. Chris grabbed her inner leg and caressed that zone, gently sliding up, knowing how much that thing was able to drive her insane; she caressed the back of his neck, running her fingers through his hair and connecting her body to his while brushing her breast against his chest. They always used to play like that, making each other craving more.

– Maybe we should go to my place.

He whispered on her lips, between a kiss and another. She smiled.

– Should we?

She teased him touching his chest under his shirt, he shook his head and smirked.

– Definitely.

He whispered with a raspy voice and kissed her once again before standing up and grabbing her hand.

– You know, I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but not even the fact that you have been beaten up reduces your being fucking hot. I need you to fuck me so much.

She said while walking toward his car. Chris looked at her and smiled grabbing her by the hips and pulling her closer. He loved her being such a bad girl in that kind of situations. He kissed her before whispering on her lips.

– Love, just let me take you home and you will be pleased.