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All you’ve been talking about since Jace arrived was becoming parabatai.


Knocked up 3

In case it got to hard to read at the end

Max: “ it’s going to be ok. Please don’t cry anymore.

Nikki: * notice the test finally gave the results* “ Ha” *sniff* “ Got you! You actually thought I was crying? Yea right.”
( Trying to pretend she’s wasn’t really crying when she was)

Max: “yea, of course not. Just Like these tear stains aren’t .”

Nikki: *shows him the test* “ I took a new test and apparently I’m not pregnant-”

Max:“ What!?! But I thought-”

Nikki: “ the first test was a false positive.”

Max: “ so…. We’re not having-”

Nikki: “ nope”

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Dear Theodosia crossover

Dear Theodosia, what to say to you?

You have my eyes. You have your mother’s name

When you came into the world, you cried and it broke my heart

I’m dedicating every day to you

Domestic life was never quite my style

When you smile, you knock me out, I fall apart And I thought I was so smart

You will come of age with our young nation

We’ll bleed and fight for you, we’ll make it right for you

That’s always a superficial thing, and I think Alec might understand that. You know it’s always difficult, you look at your person you love and you say ‘look at all the people before who they spent time with’, right? But, you know that to judge them for that would be unfair and irrational and also not a helpful thing. So you have to be able to get past that, but that’s not you. So, yes it bothers you, but you have to take the steps to get past that, and Alec is no different. Alec understands that. Luckily. […] That trap of weird yeah- yeah and like oh yeah well this person, this person, well you didn’t- I didn’t know you then! Are you gonna judge someone for the people they dated before they knew you, are you crazy? It’s nuts.
—  Matthew Daddario, the real mvp

my second piece of cc! another recolor of course. I didn’t know what to call it so I just called it patterned shorts lmao.

  • 15 recolors
  • EA mesh - all credit goes to EA
  • base game compatible
  • custom thumbnail - i think? it’s been being weird lol

hope you enjoy! again, pleeeease if you end up using my crappy stuff tag me in your screenshots! I wanna see it in your wonderful games!

download: simfileshare


대세는 백합 (Lily Fever)
↳“There will always be people that don’t like us.  Don’t mind them and do what you can, when you can.”


3/? celebrity crushes — sam claflin.

“in england, when we’re at drama school, we spend a lot of time learning the craft from playwrights and stage actors, who are very well trained in the basics of acting because they need to get it right the first time. you can’t have second or third takes when you’re in front of a live audience, unlike film.”