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I just want you to know, there are worlds out there, safe in the sky because of her. That there are people living in the light, and singing songs of Donna Noble. A thousand, million light years away. They will never forget her — while she can never remember. … But for one moment… one shining moment… she was the most important woman in the whole wide universe.


Christmas Special Sunday (Part Two)

Part one available here: [The Christmas Invasion] [Voyage of the Damned] [The Next Doctor]

In the lead-up to Christmas, I’ll be posting promo shots from the various Doctor Who Christmas Specials - a different special each week.

Here are many, many photos from The Runaway Bride


 David Tennant & Catherine Tate laughing - Big Questions Edition

Whenever the two of them are together there’s always so much laughing.

Link to the first one of many Big Questions videos [x]

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