mine: castle relationships


                                                      DAREDEVIL, THE TEEN YEARS AU;

They boys have their ups and downs, and they’re not really that close… at least that’s what everyone thinks from watching these four on a daily basis. Matt is as blind as he’s the most feared boxer in the whole school, just like his dad. Foggy has been trying to be president of the debate club since he was a freshman and he’s an amazing softball player. Brett is the most brilliant soccer player in the whole institute, but what he’s really into is spending nights awake reading endless books and comics about detectives and cops and crimes. And then there’s Frank, who’s this mind-blowing (and very secret) artist but gets in too many troubles to be labeled as anything else than a troublemaker. You won’t hear them laughing in the hallway, but let me tell you something: they have each other’s back. They won’t let it show, though, because it’s better for their own ends not to be “related”. Go to the Nelson’s house and it wouldn’t be a surprise if you find four teenage boys shouting and howling, playing videogames while trying to do their homework.

                      — matthew murdock, franklin nelson, brett mahoney, francis castle.

Prompt: “Would you’ve really left me and gone to Mars when we were fighting?”  From castlefanficprompts.

He waits till they get home, but the question hovers at the edge of his mind all day.  “Kate, would you really have gone?”  It didn’t happen; it doesn’t matter, really.  And yet it does.  After DC, after his disappearance, after everything, it matters.

Beckett hangs up her jacket and turns to him.  “Gone where?”

“Mars.”  This conversation might be a bad idea, but he can’t seem to stop himself.  “Would you really have left me and gone to Mars when we were fighting?”

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