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Back to the Future: Part 9

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 1.9k

Warnings: pregnancy, angst, injured/bloody castiel, another cliffhanger bc I’m a bitch 

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As soon as you and the Winchesters got back to the bunker, you began formulating a plan to save your Angel.

To say you were conflicted was an understatement. You wanted to save Castiel more than anything, and you wanted to do it yourself. You wanted to show him that he could count on you, that you would always be there to protect him just as he was always there to protect you. But you also had to protect your daughter. She became your world as soon as you first heard her heartbeat, and as of right now, you were the only one that could keep her safe from harm. Your daughter had to come first.

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This is an alternate edit of the basegame female leather jacket, this time with a shinier specular than the previous version. You can see comparisons of the two versions above :) I modified my lighting setup a bit to make the shine stand out more, but it’s still more obvious when the sim is moving, and under certain lights, than it is here.

+ For Teen - Elder females.
+ Default replacement only. Choose only one version, from here or the original post!
+ Presets and color channels unchanged. Specular made less bright than EA’s version but brighter than my original edit.


DR shinier specular with EA thumbs (718 KB)
DR shinier specular with custom thumbs (2.4 MB)
(explanation re: thumbnail types)

Credits: 1, 2, 3

Shouldn’t Have Happened

Word count: 211

Pairing: Cas x Reader

A/N: This was requested by a Nonnie. I hope you enjoy sweetie. I am thinking it is set sometime around season 5.

Unbetaed - All mistakes are mine. 

You started at Cas in disbelief. You hadn’t expected him to react like this. You weren’t sure what you had expected. You knew there was a change he wasn’t going to be happy, but telling you to get rid of it. Get rid of your baby. His baby. Something that your love had created. That you had not expected.

“And what if I say no?” tears streamed down your cheeks, but Cas face stayed stoney. He didn’t reply he just stared at you and you felt something you never thought you would feel looking at your angel. Hate.

Is this how you are going to treat me? Like we’re not worth anything to you?” you hissed, letting out a scream of his name as he disappeared from the room.

What you didn’t know was that Cas hadn’t gone far. He landed outside your door, leaning forward with his hands against his knees to stop from hyperventilating. You hated him. He felt that. You had every right to. But there simply was no other way. If his brothers found out they would kill you both. At least this way you would still be alive, even if you could never look at him the same ever again. At least you would be alive.

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Dear Castiel,

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Every moment you’ve been here…

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Every laughable moment…

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Every melting moment…

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Every adorable moment…

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Has taken hold of everyone here.

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Even though we’ve lost you so many times…

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You always found a way back…

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We never thought…

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You would go out…

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Like this…

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But still we count the days for your return…

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Even if they never come…

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Because we know in our hearts…

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You will always find a way home

I don’t know what it is with locations in this show (like, why was Eileen geographically located in Alaska on BmoL screen, when she was killed the same day in South Carolina?). But something is seriously wrong.

I’m not sure if this is an actual clue or just shameless disregard for geography, but the place in Washington where Cas’ cottage in 12x23 lies (North Cove) is NOWHERE NEAR THE ACTUAL MOUNTAINS. It’s a beach area by the Pacific Ocean. I checked it three times after I noticed this:

(That’s Brokeback Mountain, if you wondered. The “I don’t know how to quit you”-scene.)

Yeaaaaah, so just one more subtle-but-not-really-that-subtle romantic parallel, isn’t it? Of course the lake looked familiar to so many people. Heh. 

After this much playing with our heads, if they don’t deliver next season, I think I’ll sue.

Edit: Here are all the visual parallels between SPN & Brokeback Mountain I could find. 

Edit 2: Cas is also driving Jack’s truck this season:

Since I’ve been traipsing around a different continent for the past three months, I haven’t even seen the rest of the season and the finale… but let me tell you what happens anyway after last night’s Apparent Clusterfuck:

As Dean Winchester stands next to his prone angel, morbidly fascinated by the ash wings burned into the ground around his feet, he feels completely and utterly numb. He’s only had the presence of mind not to step on them, an easy thing given the fact that they’re so bare of feathers.

Carefully, and still without thinking, the hunter lowers himself to his knees, brow furrowed and lip trembling as he attempts to process what is clearly right before him.

Castiel is dead.

Still, Dean can’t help extending a shaking hand. His fingers gently trace the curve of Cas’s cheekbone in a way he never would have allowed himself if the other was still breathing, and despite the fact that his mouth feels like sandpaper and he can feel Castiel’s skin turning cold he asks the question anyway:


Dean can feel Sam staring holes through his back, but that’s the extent of any response to his query.

“Cas, wake up.”

His voice is a broken croak, but Dean keeps speaking anyway, turning bolder and more desperate with every second that reality sinks in.

“Cas? Castiel, wake up. Wake up, Cas! Cas!”

He’s pawing at his angel now, vision blurring until he has to blink to clear it. He all but throws himself across Castiel’s torso to uselessly slap at his cheeks in an attempt to rouse him.

“You stupid son of a bitch, wake up! Wake up, Castiel! Don’t you dare leave me, don’t…”

Castiel is still motionless when Dean collapses against him. “Don’t go,” the hunter whispers pitifully into his angel’s neck. He squeezes his eyes shut and swallows a sob. “Please. I… Cas, I…” His heart is in his throat as he turns his head to press a light kiss behind the other’s ear, moving to put his lips against Castiel’s own for the first and last time. “…I love you, you dumb angel,” he murmurs. “So you gotta wake up. Cas. Cas, I love you, so you hafta…”

When nothing happens, Dean curls himself over his angel and cries.

Sam joins him after a time, crouching to put a hand to his shoulder and blinking back tears himself. Soon, though, they have to go. “Dean. Dean, we have to get out of here.”

“Sammy, I–”

“I know. It’ll be okay.”

But when they both turn away from Cas for the first time, God isn’t who they’re expecting to find. In all honesty, they’re not expecting to find anyone… and yet, there he is: Chuck, dressed in a robe and stained pj pants.

“You love my son?” Is all he asks, piercing gaze boring into Dean. Dean takes a step back as if to protect Castiel’s form from his own father, and that apparently is good enough. Chuck nods sagely. “I don’t play favourites, you know,” he says. “I did that once with Lucifer and it didn’t end well… but Castiel is, different. He’s everything I didn’t know I wanted angels to be. He makes mistakes. He learns. And yet every time I bring him back, he ends up risking his life for you.”

Dean holds his breath. Chuck sighs. “I love my son, I would give him the world if I could.” There’s a beat, and Chuck tilts his head to the side. “But we’ve both seen what happens when he has unlimited power. Besides, at the end of the day… I think he really just wants you.”

And then God is gone.

Dean is confused for only a moment before there’s a gasping breath from behind him and a hacking cough, Castiel sitting upright and flushed and so very alive that Dean can do nothing but throw himself to the ground. He tackles Cas in a kiss before the other has time to say a word, pressing him to the floor and putting everything he is into the contact.

When he pulls away, Cas is bright red and smiling with the approximate wattage of the sun. “Dean,” he murmurs, awed. “I’m… I mean, I…”

Dean presses a finger to the other’s plump lips. “I love you,” he says simply.

And Castiel moves to kiss him again.