mine: captain gates

I messed up. I messed up bad. Sorry Ryan you may need to start looking for a new partner I dunno, but just to be safe.
Happy birthday Gates…. -Esposito

(A happy birthday to Penny Johnson Jerald. Yes, we’re meta.)


The captain asked for me to go? Yes, in a manner of speaking.  He doesn’t know I’m coming, does he? No, but I have business here, so the job falls to you.  And what is the job exactly?  Captain’s gonna ask Richard Guthrie for a favor. Mr. Guthrie is going to say no. When that happens, the captain will most likely react poorly. Your job is to restrain him.  Restrain him, you say?  No cargo moves off this island  without Mr. Guthrie’s ships and connections. The last crew that ran afoul of him couldn’t buy or sell shit for two months. That’s an outcome I’d like to avoid.

Castle fans can we please discuss for a moment ...

Castle and Gates BUILDING fucking THEORY together!?  I think that has been the LEAST talked about scene from this episode and it was gold.  It shows the trust she has in him no matter how much of a child he is.  She doesn’t underestimate Castle’s part on the team and this episode proves that. I’m loving Iron Gates more and more as the series goes on.