mine: cam saroyan


Emily Deschanel, Michaela Conlin and Tamara Taylor answer questions with TV Guide Magazine’s Marisa Roffman on Facebook LIVE on the 28th March, 2017.

Camille Saroyan is the most badass character on television. She is fiercely independent and her leadership skills go above and beyond. On the interior, though, is an extremely soft heart. My heart aches thinking about how much love she has lost and how much love she has gained and given. She is incredibly generous with her time and with her knowledge. She is open and wants the best for everyone. Her happiness is of utmost importance to me. God knows she deserves it.

Cam is a great representative of numerous groups. She represents the ability for young women to enter the police force. She teaches us that it is okay to make a career change. She is a woman of colour and owns her identity. She is an authority figure that has respect for her coworkers and does not act as though she is above anyone. She adopted her dead ex boyfriends daughter and raised her to be a wonderful woman.

I cannot end this without mentioning just how precious and adorable she is. Her laugh and smile could light up a room. She has seen so much horror in her life but she makes it her job to diminish that horror and replace it with love. Thank you for showing me how to communicate properly with my peers. Thank you for standing up for minority groups. Thank you for being brave. Thank you for everything.

Goodbye, Cam.
I will love and miss you forever.