mine: callie and wyatt

Am I the only one that ships Callie and Wyatt so hard yet acknowledges the fact that the creators/writers of the show and most fans of the show want her to end up with Brandon and it just makes me sad like it’s not that they aren’t cute it’s just Wyatt ya know the fucking chemistry is just cuter between them I guess in my opinion I don’t know but I’m ranting and I just can’t with this show

I mean not only that but I’m so nervous about Mike possibly having KILLED Ana and the whole Brandon slept with Dani thing is so weird and my poor angel Callie not getting adopted and how much I adore Jude and Connor and I’m like wondering if Connor just told Jude he liked that girl who liked him because he was jealous just like Jude was and like is it normal to be shipping little boys like that…?!?! You know what I don’t even care they are so cute I don’t care how old they are. Ugh and poor Marianna with the whole Zach thing and wtf with Emma and Jesus they’re so fucking cute and LENA IS FUCKING PREGNANT and what does that mean about the whole Timothy not signing the papers thing like that is gonna cause some serious issues I am done and then there’s the whole BRANDON LOOKED LIKE HE WAS GETTING BEATEN TO DEATH and that is just not fucking okay like that Vico better fucking get in trouble for that. Poor Brandon OMG. Poor Mike too and just POOR EVERYONE I hate my life


Callie and Wyatt - Unspoken

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