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June 28th is the 10th anniversary of the premiere of Burn Notice! This year we’re making June 26-June 30, 2017 Burn Notice Week! Make edits, gifs, fanfics, videos, anything you want! You don’t have to stick to this schedule but here are the proposed prompts to help give you some inspiration:

Monday (6/26): Michael Westen Day

Tuesday (6/27): Fiona Glenanne Day

Wednesday (6/28): Free Day (also premiere day!!)

Thursday (6/29): Sam Axe Day

Friday (6/30): Madeline Westen Day

Don’t forget to tag your work (graphics, gifs, videos, etc) with #burnnoticeweek, also don’t forget to use the #burnnoticeedit tag and character names so everyone can see your work! Spread the word!


You know what I was thinking about the other day? That little dingy bar in Belfast—the Black Sand Pub.  [Michael Westen]

You mean where we met. [Fiona Glenanne]

And I made the mistake of asking—[Irish accent] “Would you like to dance?” Then you pulled a snub-nose revolver on me. [Michael Westen ]

That I did. And you said— [Fiona Glenanne with an Irish accent]

“I assume that means yes.” [Michael Westen]

* Take my hand and I will pull you through *
* the light is gone, but I am still here with you *
* And can you feel me *
* Feel my reach? *
* Oh, honey, take it easy *
* Honey, just feel **

Pictured: Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) and Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar)

Burn Notice “Last Rite” Season 5, Episode 3

Released: June 28, 2012


follow up to earlier Burn Notice post: this was the best commercial ever in 2010 and it is still the best commercial ever now.

“What weapon?”
“The one right there.”
“That’s a napkin.”


Burn Notice has a made-for-tv movie about the backstory of Sam Axe, played by Bruce Campbell, star of the cult classic Evil Dead series.

About 50 minutes into this, he picks up a chainsaw, throws it down a cliffside, where it crashes through the window of a car filled with hostile soldiers. At which he says, “Very groovy!”

I’m somewhere between disbelieving laughter and disbelieving screaming, and I love it.


I’m guessing these were all deleted scenes from 3x13 Enemies Closer. 

Why didn’t we get to see these on the dvd?!  Domestic Michael and Fiona just eating breakfast. Then he’s holding her back from something probably from killing Larry (foreshadow). Then the last one has got to be Larry just working his way into Michaels head and Fi’s just about ready to lunge at him. I needed these scenes! 

I don’t take any credit for these there all owned by USA Network (I just cleaned them up and edited them a bit) I just have to express I NEEDED THIS!!!!!!!