mine: burn notice


follow up to earlier Burn Notice post: this was the best commercial ever in 2010 and it is still the best commercial ever now.

“What weapon?”
“The one right there.”
“That’s a napkin.”

  • [On a mission; Bucky is undercover and imprisoned.]
  • Bucky: How's it going with Hydra's buried treasure?
  • Natasha: Well, it's being guarded by a Soviet agent who's a little older than most people in that graveyard. Steve's busy with this undercover op, so I'm going to have to bring in Clint.
  • Bucky: Natalia—
  • Natasha: I don't want to argue. You only have a few minutes left, so focus.
  • [A guard walks by; Natasha puts on new accent.]
  • Natasha: I can't stop thinking about you, babe! At times it gets so bad—[to the guard] Am I talking to you, perv? No, I'm not! Keep your nose out of our pillow talk! [to Bucky] You been thinking about me too, babe?
  • Bucky: I think he's gone.
  • Natasha: You're no fun, James.