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“I’ve had a lot of people talking at me in the last few days. Everyone just lining up to tell me how unimportant I am. And I’ve finally figured out why. Power. I have it. They don’t. This bothers them.”

The Buffyverse

Hey remember that time when 




Hey remember that time when  

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Spike left Angel in his final battle

to go make out with Captain Jack Harkness?

Hey remember that time when

 Giles the watcher 

went crazy and tried to kill the doctor

but somehow ended up being king of Camelot?

Hey remember that time when

Harmony met Wednesday Adams

became a vampire

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and then got killed by Sam and Dean?

At least they spared Tara though

Hey remember that time when

Willow grew up

and married Marshall

and Wesley

became colleagues with her best friend Robin

and Mayor Wilkins

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married her other best friend Ted’s mother?

What a show!