mine: bsg


If you believe in the Gods, then you believe in the cycle of time, that we are all playing our parts in a story that is told again, and again, and again throughout eternity.
                                                                              Death is not the end. 


- Mercy comes in many forms.
- You’re confused.
- It’s not so bad Wynonna, up there. I saw Wyatt, and he is so damn proud of you. But I will kill us both before I let you walk in service to the devil.
- If I die they can’t use me.
- Two birds, one stone.
- They baby’s coming. You can save it. Aim high.
- I will do my best.
- Take one out on my way down.
- Or me…


(…) I always imagined you a realist, Admiral, not one to indulge a vain hope at the cost of lives. But then, everyone has his limits. “Sine qua non”, as they say.
-  “Without which not.”
Yes. Those things we deem essential, without which we cannot bear living, without which life in general loses its specific value… becomes abstract.


Heart of Courage (MINDBLOWING BSG tribute video) for 10TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION