mine: bridgit mendler

a concept:

a lemonade mouth 10 year reunion

Its 2021. There’s a live stream of Hayley Kiyoko, Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, Naomi Scott, and Blake Micheal all sitting on a couch rewatching scenes from the movie and audition tapes and talking about their memories from making the film. They discuss how progressive and cool the messages were in the movie, like tackling dress codes and standing up to adults. The group even sings Determinate, for old times’ sake. 

Everyone stop

I just re-watched Lemonade Mouth and HOLY MUTHA-FUCKING SHIT BALLS!! It is such a great movie like everyone drop what ever you are doing…unless its living then place gently on the ground and supply with food and water then watch this epic movie. I shall now list why it’s a great movie.

- Diverse wonderful cast
- The songs are wonderful and just ahh
- It is the best original Disney Channel movie ever
- I’m fairly sure everyone is gay for everyone
- I am attracted to literally the entire band
- The plot isn’t charged by romantic relationships but actual plot and friendship
- Inspirational as shit
- Hits me in the feels
- The songs have been stuck in my head since