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Fic title thingy. Because I have one more. "Men of Ice." Also, you're amazing and I'm very intimidated by your amazingness.

Men of Ice.  

Okay, so I read this and I immediately went “Men of Ice…and Fire.”  

So this would def be a GoT fusion fic.  

You’d have Steve going up to the wall to chase after Bucky, only for the both of them to get frozen in some mystical pond on the other side of the wall and unthawed on accident decades later.  

Peggy could be the wife Steve leaves behind, who through some kind of ice magic, slows down the progression of her aging.  She never gives up on her quest to find Steve. She’s the leader of a tribe of warrior women, who make their homes in the forests of the frozen north, forever searching for Steve Rogers.   

Darcy is the ward of Lord Anthony Stark. (Eh?  Starks in Winterfell, ehhh?).  She doesn’t know her true parentage, and is thus raised as a bastard. She runs away to the capital to become a handmaid to the queen.  She finds out through careful perusal of the library that her true father was none other than Bruce Banner, former court physician, who was banished in disgrace for experimentation, and rumored to have done the worst of the experimenting on himself.  Her mother, Lady Elizabeth of House Ross is since remarried and refuses to meet with Darcy for months.  

When she finally meets her mother, Darcy discovers the plot of the king to eradicate her father’s line from existance. The experiments Banner had done might not have been as bad as the records made them seem, and there is the small matter of the prophecy.  If Darcy were to marry a man of ice, a man out of his time, their children would bring about the fall of the king’s rule.  And bring peace to their lands.  Unfortunately, she has no idea how to find a man of ice and out of time.  

Meanwhile, Steve and Bucky emerge from the frozen pond.  Bucky is carted away by the brotherhood of the Hydra, and Steve is left for dead, only to be found by a group of people living north of the wall. He is soon reunited with Peggy, and together with his newfound army, they march on the brotherhood of the Hydra to save Bucky from their clutches.   

Darcy escapes in the dead of night back to House Stark in the north, only to come face to face with the famed Steve Rogers of legend, once thought dead, but alive again.  And seated to his left?  James Barnes, a man with blue eyes like ice, an arm made of metal, freshly thawed from ice and completely out of his time.  

And you know.  Wintershock ensues.  ;)   

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Prompt! #8, Bruce Banner/Betty Ross

8.  Secret relationship/marriage

Doing this in secret wasn’t anything new for them.  But Bruce really had hoped that at least in middle age, he’d stop having to sneak around with his girlfriend. 

He grimaced at the thought of the lengths they had to go to in order to see each other.  He unlocked the door to his apartment and promptly had to pick his jaw up off the floor.  

“Hello,” he said, taking in the lovely image that was Betty in a little red something that was more gone than there.  His couch had honestly never looked so inviting.  “When did you get here?”  

“About an hour ago…been waiting for a while…”  

He shut the door behind him, locking it.  “Guess I need to play catch up, then…”  

Okay.  So some things were still a lot of fun.  

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Congrats, my dear! It is absolutely deserved, you are a treasure and a blessing to have for darcyland <3 And - i'll tell you my favourite songs for scenes where characters fight, or one is in a really dark place. It doesn't even matter what the details are, it's just that the song brings out the worst in me: "Broken Crown" by Mumford&Sons

Oooooo, I love this song.  And it’s on my Bruce Banner playlist.  

So I’mma have to go with one of my OG OTPs for this fandom…


Broken Crown - Mumford & Sons

Bruce Banner/Betty Ross

There are people in the Marvel fandom who legit don’t know about Betty and that makes me sad. 

They don’t know about the real first person (not Tony, not Natasha, and not Steve) who saw Bruce as more than the Hulk and who didn’t treat Hulk like a monster. They don’t know about the woman who sold her most precious possession to get enough money for her and Bruce to get to a potential cure. They don’t know about the woman who was more than willing to become a fugitive herself if it meant she could help Bruce. They don’t know about the woman who stepped in front of a tank and literally stood up to her own father to protect Bruce.

Ship Bruce with whoever you want. But don’t forget that Betty Ross exists.

30 Days Shipping Challenge (Day 13 and 14)

Day 13: What is your favorite movie pairing? 

Day 14: What is your favorite book pairing?

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Bretty (Bruce Banner x Betty Ross) - The Incredible Hulk

I’m counting these as two days cause it both a movie pairing and technically a book pairing albeit a comic book but it still counts. Anyways, while I’m more on shipping Bruce with Tony, I always will have a soft spot for Bretty. 

Bruce Banner is sixteen, sitting on the school bus and staring across the aisle at a girl he’s never spoken to. She is beautiful; her skin looks soft, clear, her smile warm and her lips cherry red. She talks with her friends and Bruce is mesmerized by the way her lips shape like rose petals around her white teeth. She is beautiful, and Bruce has never kissed anyone; and he wonders in a quiet way if he is broken, because he feels no urge to kiss her.

Bruce is sixteen, sitting in the bleachers at a high school football game, hiding at the back to avoid notice. There is a boy in front of him he has never spoken to. He is beautiful; his eyes are almond and sad, his hands big where they grip his friends shoulder, his chin stubbled in a way Bruce’s is not. Bruce is mesmerized by the pink of his lips, so soft compared to the rest of his rugged form. He is beautiful, and Bruce has still never kissed anyone; and he tells himself he it is good that he feels no urge to kiss him, that it means he is not broken in that way, but still he wonders why.

Bruce is seventeen, sitting around a circle of drunk teenagers, incredibly sober and frightened to be left out. There is a girl sitting across from him with a beer bottle pointed at her which has finally stopped spinning. She is beautiful, with a flushed face and burning eyes and a smile on lips painted with purple lipstick, and her body, soft and curving, leans towards him, expectant. Bruce is mesmerized by the list of her body, to and fro as she moves, and the way her eyes beckon him. She is beautiful, and as Bruce’s lips press against hers he wonders why he feels nothing, nothing at all for this stranger; not even the stirrings of lust; he tries to tell himself he isn’t broken.

Bruce is twenty four, sitting across from Betty Ross in a coffee shop, listening to her with a small smile. She is a woman he has known for some time now. She is beautiful; her eyes hold life and care in a way he has never seen, and her lips curve gently around his name, like a caress. Bruce is mesmerized by her mind, the way she expresses her feelings, the way she laughs at his poorly timed jokes and touches his hand as if she simply can’t imagine leaving him untouched. She is beautiful, mind and body, and as Bruce leans across the table and kisses her, slow and soft, he realizes for the first time that he wants this, craves this, and he thinks that perhaps it’s because he loves her.

Bruce is far too old, sitting with his head in his hands on the ground and staring at the fist-indents his larger self has left on the ground. There is a man beside him, touching his back in slow, soothing strokes and murmuring to him reassuring. He is beautiful; his eyes are the blue-grey of a stormy sky, and they crinkle at the edges with love, laughter, and kindness. Bruce is mesmerized by his patience, by his gentle persistence, by his strong-headed nature, steady like a rock. He is beautiful, mind and body, and as Bruce leans into his touch and accepts the soft, firm press of lips on his own, he thinks that perhaps he does deserve this love, because it is real, it is something he craves with his heart and his body. It is not just a kiss, but something far more. And Bruce knows now he was never broken.

underdogs with good intentions, a betty/bruce fanmix for happy memories, tearful reunions, and all the years in between.

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so nice so smart - kimya dawson // anything for you - ludo // samson - regina spektor // daydream in blue - i monster // i’ll never be lonely again - ludo // vanilla twilight - owl city // love love love - the mountain goats // annie oakley - miniature tigers // deer in the headlights - owl city // my moon my man - feist // i say a little prayer - aretha franklin // you’re my only home - the magnetic fields // i and love and you - the avett brothers // lucky ones - lana del rey // hello my old heart - the oh hello’s // i’m sorry i love you - the magnetic fields 

The Ghosts of Christmas Eves Past (1972 To Be Exact) - @Bretty

Warning: mentions of child abuse

Bruce should have realized that eventually his not-so-little issue with the Christmas season was going to bite him in the ass one of these days. Christmas Eve, 1972. One of many days that lives in infamy for him. The first instance of abuse at his father’s hands, all because he could build a highly intricate structure from an Erector set at the tender age of 4. Bruce has a complex set of issues, phobias, and triggers thanks to Brian Banner. Yet the Christmas-related triggers are some of the most embarrassing for him. All of the tiny things that make Christmas a beloved holiday, from Christmas music to stockings, set him off. But it’s the Christmas tree that sets him off the worst.

In the past, Aunt Susan gave up celebrating Christmas, a practice Betty would adopt herself. Aunt Elaine, Uncle Morris, and Jenny would celebrate Christmas in California, but would respect Bruce’s fears and not come to visit until New Year’s. Bruce never once asked them to give up the holiday for his sake, and felt a great amount of guilt for allowing it to happen.

So when Bruce became an Avenger and began living at Stark Mansion, he had a choice to make. Tell the Stark family about his issues and make another family give up a joyous event just for him, or don’t and suffer in silence. Bruce chose the latter. Though it taxes the limits of his fragile sanity, Bruce couldn’t take away Christmas from the then-11 year old Stark twins. Ellie and Atticus were still at an age where Christmas was meant to be enjoyed. The nuclear physicist may turn green on occasions, but like hell was he going to become the Grinch that stole Christmas from a pair of children.

The problem is that keeping feelings bottled up over the span of a decade was a very difficult thing to do. There were tells, Bruce was sure of it. He couldn’t help becoming nervous, fidgety, and squirrelly when he was dragged over to participate in opening gifts, Christmas dinner, the Stark Industries’ Christmas party, etc. It was nearly impossible to get him out of the lab, even worse than it is the rest of year. And heaven help them all when a battle occurred when New York was decked out in its Yuletide finest. The Other Guy was never shy about beating up the nearest Christmas decorations, or attempting to steal or even destroy the famous tree in Rockefeller Center.

This story started off much like the other Christmases, just with an even bigger Christmas tree than Tony usually got, gaudily decked out in the Iron Man colors. Bruce forced a smile, about to lie about how wonderful the tree looked and what a great job he did decorating this year (Tony never strayed far from the look of a Christmas store having exploded inside the mansion.) The one thing that Bruce didn’t factor into Operation: Survive Christmas 2014? Betty and her over-protectiveness of him.

Betty came by without warning, which had Bruce scrambling for a plan. He tried to drag her to the lab without seeing the living room. He failed, and she was about five seconds away from punching Tony with a red fist before Bruce finally admitted that he never told Tony anything beyond the event of Christmas Eve, 1972, not its everlasting effects on Bruce.

Bruce practically ran out of the living room and fled to the safety of his lab, which is where he is currently trying to stave off a particularly bad panic attack. He turns on his Pandora station with his mother’s music, The Shoop Shoop Song blasting from his computer speakers. He burns some vanilla incense, since that was the scent he associated with Mom. He sits down at his desk, gripping the edge until his knuckles turn white. His heart is pounding. He tries to catch his breath, which comes out in pants and shudders. His body trembles, with feelings of nausea and dizziness crashing over him in waves. His body seems torn between fainting, puking, or running away and hiding.

Though Bruce’s eyes are currently rimmed in green, surprisingly a stress transformation isn’t immediately on the list of concerns. He and Hulk always truce around this time of year. The Other Guy is always so strangely protective of Bruce around Christmas, almost as if he cared. In his mind’s eye, Hulk crouches down beside Bruce’s desk, crossing his legs.

Little Guy should’ve told Tin Man a long time ago. Hulk always said…

“Hulk, don’t. Please don’t. Betty is probably going to lecture me as it is. I don’t need it from you too,” Bruce interrupts, his voice wavering.


Amid all the Brutasha frenzy, I see a lot of Betty Ross fans not hating just dismayed that, once again, the brilliant scientist is getting overlooked. 

I made this mini-vid last year and never finished it because my old laptop imploded, but I had to repost in solidarity. 

If the Harvard undergrad/grad mention, relative ages, and comics canon are anything to go by, Bruce and Betty had a long, winding decade-plus together. Any canon or fic or what-have-you that would erase that shared experience — erase her — is doing a disservice to Bruce Banner as character and Betty Ross as a representative of a woman who is not a fighter but still strong, brave, and significant. 

Let me remind you that it’s been thirteen years since Bruce Banner could last have sex (accident was in 2003).

Let me remind you that he’s been on the run for all that time, shying away from human contact for fear of hurting people. Let me also remind you that he was in love with Betty all that time. Even if he could be intimate with someone, he wouldn’t. But he can’t.

Just think about how starved for affection Bruce is. How starved for human touch. When was the last time you think he was hugged, let alone kissed or cuddled? How much do you think he wants it? Needs it? All the shit he endures, guy’s gonna need some comforting.

Let me remind you about Bruce’s panic attacks. The way he remembers bits and pieces of what the Other Guy goes through while he’s being shot at and attacked by military-grade weaponry, and how the Hulk makes it through it, but it haunts Bruce even when he’s not the Big Guy. He’s got no one to lean on even then. He’s been alone with himself all these years. Imagine having no emotional support through all the shit he goes through.

Now imagine when he joins the Avengers. Suddenly there’s people always around, and I imagine he would be flustered and overwhelmed at first. Because these aren’t just passing acquaintances or employers and this isn’t just a place to stay while on the run, these are friends and this is home. How long has it been since Bruce had that? (At that point it would have been nine-ish years)

But it must have felt like so, so much longer. He hasn’t been living, he’s been surviving. He’s been scraping by and continuing to move so they can’t find him.

Imagine the other things; imagine Bruce getting reacquainted with living again instead of just surviving. He’s been on the run, he hasn’t had time to check up on the news or technology or catch up with the times. When he comes back, when he steps into that lab for the first time, imagine how good it must feel to be back in a lab again, a nice one without second- or third-hand or thrown-together-with-materials-he-had-to-scrounge-up-and-piece-together equipment (like he had to in Brazil, and I imagine everywhere else too), but how out of place he must feel because what the hell, everything’s touchscreen and holographic and so goddamn shiny and how the hell is he supposed to use this shit?

Imagine Bruce getting up to date on scientific news and discoveries and advances since he’s been away. Imagine Bruce getting Facebook and maybe catching up with old friends a bit (though he’s still wary of too much attention). Imagine Bruce trying to figure out smartphones and discovering memes and catching up on movies and music and news that was big but not quite big enough to reach him wherever he was at the time.

And imagine when he finally finds someone. Whether you ship Bruce with Betty or Tony or Natasha or whomever, imagine how he will finally have someone. Imagine how he will be so afraid at first, how everything will be small and tentative and hesitant, and he’ll be afraid he’s going to fuck it up or hurt someone or have to leave again—

And imagine his partner, whomever you ship him with, comforting him. Imagine when he has a panic attack (and just their presence has been helping with those now), now someone is there for him, to hold him and hug him and make him feel safe and reassure him and calm him down. Imagine Bruce breaking down because it’s so much, it’s too much after all this time and he never thought he’d be able to have this again and he can barely believe it’s real and he’s afraid it’s all going to slip through his fingers.

Imagine soft kisses and exploring hands and lazing in bed together—intimacy, but not sex. Yeah, Bruce misses sex, but this, this, is what he’s been craving.

Imagine the way his eyes will close contentedly at the feel of a gentle hand carding through his hair. Or lips and warm breath against his skin. Holding someone, being held.

And I’m getting ahead of myself here but just. Bruce Banner deserves all the best things. He deserves all the cuddles and all the kisses and hugs and all the love. And friends and a home and goddammit just let my green son be happy T~T