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Breakaway part 3

Hey you guys! I bring to you chapter 3 of the story and in this chapter it will be full of feels! Here we go! 

Johnny watched the building going by as Barry drove them home.

He was still reeling from having told his dad his secret, and the stunned silence had Johnny drumming his fingers on his lap. Barry just stared, straight faced, as he drove the truck and when they came to a halt at a stop light, the older ape finally spoke.

“Johnny…I don’t know what to say. I’m not mad at you, I want you to know that. I’m just…surprised is all because I never would have thought of you as…”

Johnny looked up from his lap. “Transgender?”

Barry nodded.

The light turned green and his dad drove them the rest of the way to the house, still quiet as a mouse sneaking across a living room floor. Johnny got out of the truck but Barry stayed in the driver’s seat. The teen put his hand on the door with a concerned look on his face.

“Dad? Are you okay?”

Barry sighed.

“Johnny, I can understand you want to find yourself and who you are. Hell, I was the same way growing up so I know how it feels to want to be someone different. I’m bigender Johnny and I can understand your situation, but please don’t tell your dads just yet.”

“But…dad I…” Johnny began to say but said ape held up his hand.

“If you really want to tell them then I will do it with you. I want to be there for you Johnny because you are my son, and I love you.”

Johnny smiled. “I love you too dad.”

Then with that being said, Barry got out of the truck and walked into the house with his son.

It took Johnny a whole two weeks to work up the courage to tell Barry that he was ready. He wanted to tell his dads the truth so Barry went out to the store, bought a beautiful green dress, and gave it to Johnny when he got home.

“I really think that green is a good color on you, Johnny. It compliments your eyes and brings out your features, which are two things that will get you plenty of dates.”

Johnny laughed. “Dad I’m not planning on dating anyone any time soon.”

Barry rolled his eyes. “That’s what they all say and then, wham! Love hits you on the head.”

Johnny went into the bathroom to put on the dress and when he had done just that, he looked in the mirror. He saw a beautiful, young gorilla that had something he had wanted for so long.

His true identity.

Johnny stepped out of the bathroom, his stomach all in knots and his heart pounding. His dad smiled at him, and then turned him around with a small frown on his face.

“Johnny you didn’t zip it up all of the way. Here, let me do it.”

Barry zipped the back of the dress up all of the way and Johnny felt the fabric constrict on his torso. It was still a little loose around his waist, but Johnny knew that his dad could take that in later.

For right now though, the moment had come.

The older ape walked down the stairs first, after telling Johnny to wait at the top until he called him down. Barry walked into the kitchen where Marcus and Stan were sitting. Stan was reading the newspaper and Marcus was sipping his coffee.

“Stan? Marcus? Johnny has something very important he wants to tell you.”

Stan put down his newspaper and Marcus his coffee cup.

“What is it Barry?” Marcus asked and the ape too a deep breath, before exhaling.

“Johnny! You can come down now!”

Slow footsteps were heard on the stairs and as they approached the kitchen, Barry stepped aside.

Johnny’s palms were sweaty and he closed his eyes as he stood in the doorway of the kitchen, waiting for something to happen.

Stan’s eyes widened and Marcus spit his coffee out all over the other ape, who looked at him annoyed.

“Johnny? What is this, some sort of a joke?” Marcus asked, waving his hand up and down.

Johnny shook his head but he kept his eyes on the floor. His heart was in his stomach and the teen felt like he was going to pass out. But he sucked up his courage and looked up at his stunned dads.

“Dads…I’m transgender.”

Stan raised his eyebrows and Marcus didn’t say a word, a look of surprise still on his face.

Barry was quick to cut into the silence. “But doesn’t he look nice in this dress? It’s such a good color on him and when I picked it up the sales lady said…”

Marcus cut him off. “Wait, Barry. You knew about this and didn’t tell us? Then you went out and bought him this?”

The ape was silent and Marcus sighed heavily, shaking his head.

It was then that Stan spoke up.

“Now Johnny…I just want to ask. Was it something we did?”

Johnny shook his head. “No, this has nothing to do with you guys. I just wanted to tell you because you’re my dads and I love you.”

Before Stan could say anything else, Marcus looked up at Johnny and said,“ If you loved us then you wouldn’t have told us at all.”

Ignoring the hurt look on Johnny’s face, Marcus got up from the table and went out into the garage. Barry put his hand on the teen’s shoulder as tears trickled down his face and a loud sob came out of him. His dad led him over to the table and sat him down in the chair, where Johnny put his face into his hands and cried his eyes out.



Breakaway part 2

Hey guys, how are you? Here is the second chapter of the story and feel free to leave me comments, questions, or private message me! 

Johnny sighed as he perused through the clothing store with Barry, trailing behind his dad and dragging his feet. The building was almost as silent as a church, deserted save for a few animals. That meant that nobody would have to witness him trying on clothes that he didn’t like, while his dad told him he looked nice in them. He just wanted to get this shopping expedition over with and get back home so he could…

So he could do what?

Johnny stood up straight, with a look of determination on his face. No, not anymore. He needed to tell someone, even if that someone was his dad, who was currently looking through some slacks. However before Johnny could go over to talk to Barry, he saw it hanging on the rack. It was the most beautiful dress he had ever seen. It was a deep crimson red with a v-neckline and had a long pleated skirt. Climbing up the garment were white cherry blossoms and Johnny could feel his breath catch in his throat as he walked over to the rack. He gently took the fabric of the clothing into his hand. It was like silk on his fingers. He quickly looked through the copious amount of duplicate dresses, trying to find one that could fit him. Johnny was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t hear his dad come up behind him.

“Johnny? What are you doing?”

Johnny jumped and turned around to see Barry standing there, a few shirts and slacks in his arms. He had a confused look on his face and he looked behind Johnny to see the rack of dresses he had been looking through.

“Johnny this is the women’s section, what are you doing in it?”

Johnny’s mind raced as he tried to think of a plausible explanation. Then he made a decision. He was going to tell his dad right then and there, no turning back. Taking a deep breath, Johnny looked into his dad’s eyes and he said,“ I was looking for something for Ash. I thought she might like the dress for the performance next week.”


Barry smiled. “Well that’s kind of you to think about your friend like that Johnny. Don’t you think that’s a bit big for her though? Maybe an extra small would be a better size instead of the large, yeah?”

Johnny realized that he had actually been holding a large version of the dress in his hand. He quickly put it back on the rack, a slight blush coming to his face.

“Never mind dad. She’s a bit of a tomboy actually and may not like it that much.”

“Oh, well it was a nice thought though Johnny.”

Barry then handed Johnny the slacks and shirts. “I want you to try these on okay? Tell me if they fit and which ones you like.”

Johnny gulped. He nodded and headed off to the changing rooms.

Closing the door behind him, Johnny sighed heavily and looked at himself in the mirror. ‘I would have looked smashing in that dress with a nice pair of white sandals.’ Johnny though to himself. Unfolding the slacks and shirts, Johnny shucked his clothes off and tried on the first outfit. It was a blue collared shirt with white slacks and Johnny felt a blush creeping across his face. He felt embarrassed to be seen in these clothes but he heard Barry calling for him from the other side of the door, wanting him to come out and tell him if they fit. Johnny opened the door and stepped out, his eyes misty with tears.

“Oh Johnny you look handsome!” Barry said with a smile but then it happened.

Johnny burst into tears.

Barry was shocked. “Oh Johnny! What’s wrong?”

Johnny began to sob uncontrollably and Barry put his hand on the ape’s shoulder.

“Johnny…do you not like the shirt or the pants? What’s wrong son? Tell me!”

With tears trickling down Johnny’s face he turned to his father, looked him in the eyes, and said,“ Dad…I’m transgender.”

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  2. Miss Independent
  3. Low
  4. Some Kind of Miracle
  5. What’s Up Lonely
  6. Just Missed the Train
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  8. You Thought Wrong (ft. Tamyra Gray)
  9. Thankful
  10. Anytime
  11. A Moment Like This
  12. Before Your Love


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  2. Since U Been Gone
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  7. Where is Your Heart
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  9. You Found Me 
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My December

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