mine: brandon and callie

brallie/solar system theory

this is mostly just for shits and giggles but i found a nice similarity

their timeline labeled by the main traits of planets in astrology (which i don’t believe in but nothing in life matters anyway so why not enjoy the pleasantly nonsensical things)


Mercury/COMMUNICATION - let there be light! but also communication! in the beginning, one thing that made brallie stand out was their immediate exchange of communication and trust in one another.

Venus/LOVE - we all know the heaven that was the 1a finale kiss and their 1b secret rendezvous. tis was a pure, sacred time, truly showing how many lengths they’d go to for one another and how thin they would let themselves be spread in order to see each other. this of course sprinkles throughout the continuing seasons with their various kisses/admittance/attitudes/the holiest sex scene to ever be shot and broadcast on modern television.

Mars/WAR - the back and forth with their family, especially their mothers. the turmoil they faced during private moments because of it, the grief they encountered while trying their best to keep their heads above water, and finally, their eventual collapse.


Jupiter/EXPANSION - picking up the pieces and moving on to supposedly better, more stable people and places. while this did give both of them new experiences and stories to tell and learn from, this time was increasingly awkward for everyone involved who was previously enmeshed in their relationship.

Saturn/AUTHORITY - keeping themselves thoroughly restrained, particularly in the aftermath of the 2a kiss. dictating their every move around one another and making sure no further slip ups could be counted for. more so self-inflicted than brought upon by any family member.


Uranus/ECCENTRICITY - after recovering from the tension throughout the last leg of season two, things seemed to fall back into their place. the mexico trip would be the peak of their friendship in this season, showing how strong their relationship still is and how much low key tension there still is to boil over later.

Neptune/MYTH - following their night in the cabin and the adoption, secrets made a triumphant return to the adams foster household and of course they never shy away from brandon and callie. denying the night and inherently their entire spectrum of feelings for the other, they hide the facts and it’s obvious: what happens in a cabin in the woods stays in a cabin in the woods.


Pluto/REBIRTH - we haven’t gotten much interaction between the two in season four, but what we have gotten is still on the path of proving how unwavering their friendship stands no matter what, and i don’t doubt in the fifth and possibly (i hope to GOD) final season that all signs will point to the rebirth of their romantic relationship based on the subtle ques in season four. i’ll of course update this portion when season five has wrapped and aired in its entirety, but for now this is my stance.