mine: brandon and callie

Next week, Robert makes his long awaited return and you know that he’s gonna go after Stef and Lena for keeping everything that has been happening with Callie from him. Hopefully he will make get Callie out of juvie and possibly at least get a hint about Callie’s true feelings for Brandon, but i highly doubt that we’ll get the latter. Personally i want Robert to find out about Callie’s true feelings for B, preferably her opening up to him about it. I think that would be a huge shot in the arm in that Callie finally expresses her feelings for B and Robert gives her some advice about regretting letting her mom get away. We really need to see this happen down the road, but i highly doubt it given the show’s recent crappy track record of fumbling the ball with Brallie. I just wish that they start paving the way for Brandon and Callie to finally get together. I’m so tired of waiting.

These are my Top 5 OTPS

Brandon and Callie (Brallie) The Fosters

Bellamy and Clarke (Bellarke) The 100

Stefan and Elena (Stelena) The Vampire Diaries

Ezra and Aria (Ezria) Pretty Little Liars

 Betty and Veronica (Beronica) Riverdale

What are your top five OTPS?

Okay so they ran brallie for three seasons and now it’s just over like that. It makes me so frustrated that the writers just keep putting different love interest in the two of them. Like none of them have the chemistry that Brandon and Callie did and they can’t make any of then seem that way. Brandon was the first person Callie opened up to and was her true self around but no none of that apparently matters anymore. It makes me want to stop watching the show