mine: brand x

b l o o d l e t t i n g ; | “what love did then, love does now: gnaws me through”

i. i will posses your heart - death cab for cutie ii. degausser - brand new iii. come as you are (cover) - civil twilight iv. looking too closely - fink v. makedamnsure - taking back sunday vi. bigmouth strikes again (cover) - placebo vii. it’s not a side effect of the cocaine, i am thinking it must be love - fall out boy viii. unconsolable - x ambassadors ix. no answers - amber run x. jesus christ - brand new xi. haunt//bed - the 1975 xii. you’ve haunted me all my life - death cab for cutie xiii. the boy who blocked his own shot - brand new xiv. hello, i’m in delaware - city and colour

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I watched Food Fight and realized that there are just about no memes inspired by the movie

I don’t think they deserve to go unrecognized


January 13th 2017: exist†trace had an instore event at Brand X. They spoke for around two hours, reflecting on 2016 and discussing their ambitions for 2017. Fan contributions were also read, such as questions for the members and confessions of early foibles of 2017 (as requested by miko, who felt that she had messed up already too many times in 2017).

After the talk, the members had a handshake and sign session with the fans, with the exchange rate of <1 RSM purchased at bX: 1 signed personal item> .


Brand X  Masques  1978   Passport

It’s hard for me to put sufficient words together to encapsulate the craze and chaos that often exists in jazz fusion, but I’ll try (damnit!).  On Masques, these British blokes poured heavy doses of guitar and electric piano over a two-man percussive onslaught.  Somehow there’s still room for the busy fretless bass supplied by Percy Jones.  The group never stays in one place for very long, as meter and key shifts occur every 45 seconds or so.  I’m hard-pressed to add anything else of substance, other than to say it’s a good disc to spin when you’re hopped up on caffeine or generally feeling jittery.

The jacket back features the players’ profiles overlayed onto the masses at the Knebworth Festival, where Brand X had once shared the bill with Genesis. In the mid-late 70′s, Phil Collins had a significant stint behind Brand X’s drumkit while also learning the ropes as Genesis’ frontman following Peter Gabriel’s departure.  However, Masques was a record Phil did not appear on, as his commitment to rock stardom began to supersede his involvement in this pet project.   

Real life X-File

Wayfaring: So how long have you smoked?

Patient: Oh, I reckon bout 55 years. 

Wayfaring: And when are you going to quit?

Patient: Never!

Wayfaring: Never?! You won’t even consider it?

Patient: I know two people who quit smoking and then they found out they had lung cancer. I gotta keep smoking if I don’t wanna get lung cancer. I reckon the smoke kills the cancer.