mine: brand x


Brand X, taught by three-time Grammy winner for CD Album Packaging Kevin Reagan, was definitely the most rigorous class i’ve taken at FIDM. We had 8 weeks to take a package of a band whose music we liked or one with horrific design and redesign it. I chose to do Hellogoodbye’s “Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!” album because I loved the original packaging (and sound). 

When redesigning the album, I chose to retain the same illustrative tendencies of the original, while adding my own personal touches. Instead of being purely illustration, I incorporated the photographs of a banana (a sort of tribute to Andy Warhol as well) and a phone to convey the album’s more subtle story of the miscommunications in a relationship that cause its eventual demise. It was important to me to convey more than just the sound;  I wanted to express the fun, energetic music that, at the heart, tells the subtle story of a failing relationship as well – all while making it visually appealing and marketable.

It was definitely a rewarding experience to see it all come together. Despite half my hair all falling out this quarter over this single class and the ridiculous amounts of money spent on foam boards to get the mounting just right, it was one of the best classes I’ve taken at FIDM.

***Images of the band, banana, and phone do not belong to me. I do not profit from using them; this is merely a student project.