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It’s okay. + Boyd, Allison & Aiden


100 days of teen wolf

   day sixty-seven ;; favorite boyd moment

           “i have a really good verbal memory. and I remember 20. i remember that distinct “twa" sound, “twa-enty”

“i said fifty. with a “fa” sound. hear the difference? if you can’t, i can demonstrate some other words with the “fa” sound

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So, I read this article just now about a photographer who got 20 strangers, paired them up and asked them to kiss. and then recorded their first kiss, and it was so lovely. And I immediately thought about sterek... I don't know if you're taking prompts right now, but if you are id love to see that, or something similar.

ngl, the first time i watched the film i was BEAMING all the way through. and, this is shorter than usual but, it has everyone. kind of. because, the film was about all kinds of kisses, ya know?



Erica rolls back her shoulders, laughs a little. The young man in front of her grins sheepishly, eyes alight with humor. He’s handsome, and very tall, she’s a little awed at how nervous she feels. She never normally feels this apprehensive about things anymore. She hadn’t considered how intense this moment would be. How intimate it is to get so close to someone, especially someone she doesn’t know.

“So, do we just do this any time?”

“Yeah,” the girl behind the camera smiles easily, waves a hand, “Take your time.”

The guy kinks an eyebrow, pulls his hoodie sleeves over his hands as he sways from one foot to the other, “You ready?”

She can’t help the nervous laugh that bubbles out, pushing her hands through her hair, “Yeah, ok— Erica, I’m Erica, by the way.”

“Cool,” he breathes out, hands cautiously curving around her hips as he leans in, brushes his nose with hers, “Boyd.”

“Hi,” she breathes out, smiles as he ducks down to kiss her.

It’s lovely.

She had nothing to be nervous about after all.

She still giggles when they’re done, and he laughs with her, breath soft against her cheek.

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Part Nogitsune. 

Part Emissary. 

100% chaotic protector of the Hale Pack.

While the trickster spark provides guidance to his Alpha, his mate, he also attempts to nourish his insatiable appetite while protecting their pack from those unfortunate enough to cross their path harboring ill intentions. The Nogissary will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of his pack, his family.

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PS: The runes tat says “Hale”    

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I have no fucking idea why I made this.
But here, have the Hale Pack (with Stiles, of course).
I wanted a collage of them all smiling ‘cause they deserve to be happy and I found out how to do this so I did it
@kinsbournescream I need you to validate my crappy boredom edit thing

Click for higher res, you know the drill

Based on the Band AU fic: Misfits by @inell

“It’s a sold out show in the biggest venue Misfits has played yet, and the crowd is awesome. Even after all these years, Stiles still can’t believe he’s getting paid to make magic on stage with his gorgeous boyfriend and the best friends anyone could ever have.”

I really just want teen wolf to resurrect erica boyd and allison. bring derek back. bring isaac back. stop being so weird and dark. give Danny the screentime he deserved. stop putting lydia in rapey situations. let everyone be happy and smiling and loved. pls. its all i want