mine: bobby c

Okay just to get an idea….

Who all would be interested in purchasing a Bobby Bracelet when they become available?

Once I get settled in CA, I’m going to calculate the price of a single bracelet and open up an Etsy store for anyone who wants them. I’m pricing mainly for cost of materials and shipping. I just want to get a general idea for numbers….

So who would buy one?


My name is Bobby Drake. Iceman. I’ve been an X-Man, an X…Factor-ian, a Defender, a Champion (don’t ask). I’ve been a super hero since before I was old enough to shave. I’ve stood side by side with the toughest, most powerful heroes in the known universe and always held my own. But today… today I need to be something more. So go ahead, call me a joke if you want. Label me the X-Man with the lamest power ever. But a man of untapped potential? Don’t you dare ever call me that again!