mine: bob dylan

Sex and love have nothing to do with female and male. It is just whatever two souls happen to be. It could be male and female, and it might not be male and female. It might be female and female or it might be male and male. You can try to pretend that it doesn’t happen, and you can make fun of it and be snide, but that’s not really the rightful thing. I know, I know.
—  Bob Dylan ( from No Direction Home, March 1966, Robert Shelton)
One too many Mornings - Again

Yes, it’s a Groundhog Day Filk.

One to Many Mornings, Again
Lyrics: Mark E. Horning Dec, 2017
Music: Bob Dylan, 1963

Down the streets the folks are walkin’
And they’re gathrin’ at the park
Gone to see the groundhog,
And if he his shadow marks.
–They say it is a portent
–They say it is a sign,
–But I’m one too many mornings…
–And a thousand lives behind.

The restless morning’s shattered,
The same damn song begins,
There’s no escape, I can’t get out
And it’s yesterday again.
–I’ve tried to kill the rodent,
–And myself  - uncounted times.
–And I’m one too many mornings…
–and a thousand lives behind

Now I’ve memorized the future,
Just as long as it’s today,
Free of consequences,
They won’t remember anyway.
–The circle stands unbroken,
–Past and future, intertwined.
–I’m still one too many mornings…
–And a thousand lives behind.