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Can yall seriously chill? K.A.R.D has stated not once but twice that they aren’t interested in dating each other. And yet some people are still like “well you never know..anything can happen.” or “You put attractive people together, something is bound to happen.” Just stop it. Lets seriously normalize that people of the opposite sex can be friends. Plus yall act like if they date issues will not come up in the group. It will and it can cost the group a lot of problems. So let’s just love K.A.R.D as a group of quirky, talented, and cool people who have bonded as friends and will be successful.

Kard can finally debut their predebut project is finished they can have their debut stage they can be nominated for awards and first place on music shows we’ll get interactions they’ll have a chance at their first win omg omg omg they haven’t even debuted yet and their following is already so massive once they debut they can finally take over the world I’m so excited stan kings stan queens stan kard