mine: bleach

Every time I see this bit in chapter 279 I always feel that Grimmjow’s explanation (for his scar) is bullshit. His whole spiel about why he’s kept the scar as merely a reminder to defeat ichigo seems forced and unfitting to me. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that’s part of it, but i also believe there’s a hidden meaning for it. It’s not so clean cut as Grimmjow tries to make it sound.

Why? Because Grimmjow tries to goad ichigo into fighting by mentioning how he injured his friends. And then in the next panel he gives such a dark look. It’s not a look of “you’re lying and I’m angry”, but a look of pure hate. It might be the darkest look we’ve seen on Grimmjow’s face in my opinion.

Also in that panel he specifically says “I won’t accept that bullshit” (as you can see). And that bullshit is that Ichigo is not willing to kill him over the violence committed against his friends. In the ‘official’ translation he says “I would if I were you”.

He says that because he 'is’ Ichigo in this sense. He makes that look, because of his own rage, his own anger, and his own hurt.

He doesn’t believe Ichigo of all people is not willing to fight him, let alone kill him, because of the injuries to his friends, because Grimmjow himself is willing.

Grimmjow is the one who’s hurt over the injury and death of his friends.

He doesn’t believe Ichigo feels no rage, because he is torn up and Ichigo should be even more torn up due to his closer relationship with his friends.

Grimmjow kept the scar to remind him to take revenge for his fraccion by beating (killing) Ichigo

And that hurts me so much. Grimmjow is not free of guilt. Grimmjow is not indifferent to their deaths. Grimmjow is in fact so upset that he goes against Aizen and Ulquiorra, risking serious injury or death, and to revive Ichigo (who if he really just wanted dead would have just let him remain dead) just to kill him and avenge them.


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