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the novel confirms that ichigo being sealed as the new sk is what shunsui meant when he told tatsuki/keigo/mizuiro that he may not be able to return home so its time to put those “ichigo should’ve been a captain/vice-captain in the last chapter” headcanons 2 rest lmao

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How would the Espada act with an s/o who absolutely needs some form of contact to be comfortable? Sorry for the kinda odd request...

(灬╹ω╹灬) That’s not an odd request at all~!


-While the constant contact is more than a little strange to him, it’s not that hard to let you stay with him while he sleeps. If it makes you feel better and doesn’t get in the way of his rest, he can make something work. 


-Honestly, she’s sort of uncomfortable with that much contact. As much as she wants you to be happy, it feels very unsafe to be that close to someone. She will try to accommodate you, but you will have to give her time. 


-He has absolutely no reason to indulge a request so human, and if you absolutely must have contact, you can find another human to deliver it. He doesn’t want to admit that he can’t handle the closeness. 


-He can hardly handle touching you in passing; it would be impossible to give you the kind of contact that you’re asking for. It’s hard enough to be close to you, and that request is just too much. 


-Surprisingly, it’s rather easy for him to accommodate that. Physical affection comes easily to him, and in no time at all, he gets used to staying close enough to you that you can stay relaxed and comfortable. 


-There is no way he could do that. He is a busy man with numerous experiments to monitor, and if you must have contact, he can make a quick Fraccion to fulfill the need in his absence. 


-Although he at first resists your request, he soon becomes almost as addicted to the closeness as you are. There’s a strange feeling of safety that comes only when he’s close to you, and it’s just as hard for him to let go. 

Grimmjow & Katen Kyōkotsu.

Well, where to start, it’s @aitaijini‘s fault, even though unintentionally, I guess. My liking to these two came simply through the fact what she does with men, and I believe a Hollow might be even easier there, also who can resist such a woman? B’) In the end I simply like the sight a lot of Grimmjow relaxing near someone else even if it kills him, which reminds me that I still have to draw him with Shunsui. ♥

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I just love your blog, being an Arrancar fan as well! How about a Human AU with the Privaron Espada (they seem so dreadfully underrated)?

ー(°◇°〃) Yes! More attention for them pls!!! 


-He dropped out of high school at age fifteen to become an entertainer of debatable success. He’s perfectly happy with how his career has progressed, but being nearly constantly homeless and living off of tips isn’t exactly everyone’s idea of a comfortable life. 

-He comes from an absolutely massive family, including eight siblings, six grandparents, and more cousins than he can keep track of. They’re all remarkably supportive, and although Dordonni hates depending on them, they want nothing more than to see him happy and well. 


-She’s a professional dominatrix. Not the sexy kind, the kind that gets paid to kick someone around for an hour. She loves every second of her job, and considers it the best stress relief she has. Unfortunately, her clients are not seen in the same favor, and she will collect every bill. 

-She has about eight years of college in various subjects, and is much more well educated than people assume. Cirucci is a smart, capable woman, and she chose the career she did because she likes it, not because she needed the money too badly to look for something else. 


-He’s more of an odd jobs person, who’s worked everything from bouncer to boxer in search of something that suits him. He’s sensible enough to follow paths that actually pay, but he doesn’t intend to settle down until the job is something he’d be willing to do forever. 

-Stagnation frustrates him horribly, and he would honestly rather lead an unstable life than a boring one. Gantenbainne has made some less-than-wise choices in the search for entertainment and change, and only a decent sense of reason has kept him from totally pursuing it.