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Okay, slightly better grab this time around, and also a bit of an amendment. I’d originally only been focusing on the last bubble of the page when I made my comment. Keen eyes, however, will spot that Rukia does make use of “帰るぞ” literally two panels earlier.

The argument can effectively be made in the Japanese version that she’s made Ichigo’s closet her home after just the first week. Or, at the very least, she views it as her place of residence.

The real final nail in the coffin would be if we had her referring to Ichigo’s house with the word “家.” Specifically, “うち” instead of “いえ” as the former is the more casual/familiar way of addressing it. Think of the difference between house and home, and that’s the difference between いえ and うち.

The more you know…

Rapid Beginnings

Ichigo and Rukia met in the “middle of May” in 2001, on a Friday. It was either the 11th or the 18th. Now I’m pretty sure Kubo always draws moons as crescents, but the moon was waning gibbous on the 11th and on its last quarter on the 15th, so it would’ve been a crescent on the 18th. Let’s say it was the 18th. It only makes a week’s worth of difference.

So Chapter 3 is sometime very shortly after they met, well before mid-June when the Grand Fisher fight happens. Let’s say less than a week or so, because she likely would’ve been found out after much longer than that.

Here’s the Viz translation:

Ichigo: What’s wrong!?
Rukia: C'mon! We’re going home too!
Ichigo: Pssh. Thinks she’s so special. Hey… Where do you go home to? You have a home down here?
Rukia: (WHAT) Does my private life interest you?
Ichigo: As if! Not in the least!
Rukia: Then don’t ask.
Ichigo: Grrr! Condescending little…!!
Rukia: Later.

First of all, he’s fascinated with her behavior. You can tell because he notices it. It’s unusual. 

Next, you notice how in both translations, Rukia suggests they both go home? You know, together? Now, you can take this as just a generic statement, but she knows she’s living in Ichigo’s closet, even if he doesn’t yet. (By the way, she thinks of it as home already.) So it’s hard to argue she intended it that way. I’d be interested to know what the original Japanese was. Anyway, she immediately teases Ichigo for being curious and he plays the tsundere, but look how flustered he is at not getting an answer! This ultra-dramatic style only shows up a few times in the early manga. It’s very unusual, and it’s not that he’s actually angry.

You also notice how he’s wearing the infamous “Speaking is NOT Communication” shirt in all this?

They’re flirting. Well, Rukia is, shamelessly. Ichigo’s face says it all. This was a week or so after meeting.


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Open your eyes and read fucking manga

Every time i see a post like “why i hate Orihime Inoue” in the tag,i really want to facepalm. Useless? Without her Tatsuri, Rukia, Ichigo, Sado, Ishida and lots of other characters you love so much were ded. Selfish? Oh, are we talking about the girl who healed two arrancars who beaten her? About the girl who had hev powers to protect her friend? A girl who gone to a scarely dangerous world with hollow monster to save her friends’ lifes? Weak? Haha lol, she lost her brother, the only man who loved her, she had no family, she was bulled because of her haircolor… and after these all, she can smile, bright and carefree.
She’s the second main character of the story. Every fucking arc she grwe up, learned smth new and strenghten her feelings for Ichigo. She could say that it’s Con in his body in the first arc, she new, that she could only prevend him and stayed away while battle with Byakya. She trained as much as she could with Rukia to become stronger. She traind even harder to support Ichigo during the timeskip before fullbring arc. Even without her memory, she still loved Ichigo and felt pain when he cried. She healed arrancars, who was beaten by quincy army, she protected Nell, she tried to support Ichigo while his training. She worried about Ishida and was happy to see that he’s not a real traitor. She supported Ichigo in his fight alongside Yhwach - she healed him, she told him to fight, worried about him.
A normal human girl. Not a hero, not a 150-years-old shinigami. Without pawerfull skills, without anything - just with her strenght, love and mercy.
Orihime Inoue… oh, sorry, Orihime KUROSAKI is the best girl that ever could exist. And she didn’t need to DESERVE Ichigo. It’s Ichigo is the one who should be happy because this girl loves him, nobody else.

DSM Dev. Log 23

One of the interesting things about IchiRuki is it’s hard for them to really argue about something. Don’t get me wrong, they’ll bicker and backbite at each other all the time, but it’s hard for them to develop or sustain a real qualitative difference of opinion or to have a fundamental disagreement. Their worldviews seem to be too thoroughly aligned. I often find efforts to generate that kind of tension between them to be contrived, personally.

A lot of people also feel they just thoroughly understand one another, to an almost-psychic capacity, and that’s often true in terms of their emotions, but I don’t think it’s true when it comes to complex positions. You’ll see it in their understanding thereafter, but not during them hashing it out.

Back when I was writing chapters 20 and 21 of DSM, I decided to have Rukia readdress Ichigo’s (lack of) killing intent. To quote my own damn self (chapter 20):

“You always… think there must be some kind of better solution!” she accused, injecting a genuine spark of anger into it. His nobility in his conduct was one of his strengths, but it was just as much one of his weaknesses. He could easily have finished off several opponents in Soul Society but had spared them to his later gain. He had just as easily gone lightly on several opponents in Las Noches, and almost gotten himself and others killed. It was hard to admonish him for a trait that had spared Renji and Byakuya but at the same time… “If you’re going to fight, you have to be ready to kill! You have to fight as if to kill, even if you don’t in the end! It’s not a game! There’s no place for sympathy!”

You know what’s great? Going back and discovering you nailed characterization. You know why? Because look at this:

Again, the Viz translation:

Ichigo: Why do I gotta do that? I’ve been beating'em just fine.
Rukia: Fool! When did you ever defeat a Hollow with one blow!? Approaching a Hollow from behind and killing it with one blow is the essence of Hollow hunting! It’s a miracle that you’ve survived fighting them as you have!
Ichigo: Hitting them from behind is unfair, I can’t do it!
Rukia: Fool! Save the code of bushido for human foes! Hollows are your prey! Fairness doesn’t apply here! That kind of thinking will get you killed!

Rukia would’ve chastised the hell out of Ichigo for how his dumb ass kept trying to fight fair and square in Hueco Mundo, Fake Karakura, and Karakura. I got it.

(Also holy shit Rukia is sitting on a park table while Ichigo’s on the bench so they can look at each other eye-to-eye like what kinda extra…)

Anyway, I’m editing my way through the old chapters slowly and sending them out for beta-reading for the long-promised, often under-delivered refit, and I thought I’d preen a little.