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So guys, at my school we have a senior, Hannah Wagernackle, and she has Down’s syndrome. Despite that, she is very popular, and on our cheerleading team. A few weeks ago, she asked James Maslow, from Big Time Rush, to prom through a video. The video has over 20,000 hits, and on Friday morning, he sent a response. Sadly, he could not make it to our prom because he would be shooting for Dancing with the Stars. Instead, he flew her and her mom and sister out to LA for an extended weekend with him. He took them to Disneyland, and she is coming with him to shoot DWTS on Monday and they are going to have their own special prom dance. I cannot believe this happened to one of us. Please share this story, Hannah’s story, to show that not all celebrities are douches to their fans.


James Maslow imagine (daddy)

You were sitting in the tour-bus with the boys when all of a sudden you had a huge arg to puke, you ran to the bathroom and started puking, you felt a hand rub your back.
You looked up and saw James smiling worriedly.
You smiled back but turned back to puke again, he held your hair.
After you finished he picked you up and sat you on the sink, and took your toothbrush.
“Open up, sweetheart” he said
After you brushed your teeth,
He picked you up again and carried you bridal style to the bunks.
“Babe, do you need anything else?he asked
"Can you stay here, till I fall asleep?
"Sure” he said
After a few minutes you were asleep James kissed your cheek,
and walked back to the boys.
“Hey, what’s wrong with her” Logan asked
“ I don’t know it isn’t the first time and I am starting to get worried”
“Well, maybe she is stressed or she ate something wrong or something like that” Logan said
Maybe she talked to Alexa, you can ask her if there is something you should know"
Carlos said
“I don’t know I think I will talk to her again” James said while standing up to check on
“James, can you please come here for a sec.” You asked
“Yes baby”
“James, please don’t hate me but I think I am pregnant” you said while a few tears came downs your face.
“Y/N, I could never hate you, we are married for 3 years now if there is a little human in here (while touching your stomach) our little baby it would be perfect” he said and gave you a kiss
“So should we buy a test on the next stop?” You asked
“ Yes, now I’ll go and take a shower and you will stay here and rest yeah?”
6 months later

I was laying in bed thinking about FOOD or let’s say about a peanut butter sandwich with marmalade and Pickels, the most people would think that it’s disgusting and strange.
It’s 3 am we came back 3 months ago.
And I remember the day 4months ago we bought a test and I came out positive, we were beyond happy.
And 2months ago we found out that we’re having twin boys.
Let’s just say they love sports just like their daddy.
You snapped out of your thoughts again of the feeling being REALLY hungry.
Right know you wanted Ice cram, wonderful how fast you can change your mind about food.
“James…” You whispered
“James” you said again but this time a bit louder
“Yes, baby everything alright with you and the babies?” He asked while sitting up.
“James, I want ice cram but we don’t have any left” you said a little disappointed
“ babe, are you sure you want me to get you Ice cram at 3am” he asked
“No, no no you are right sorry for waking you up, I don’t want ice cream I’ll just sleep” you turned so James couldn’t see you crying you really wanted a ice cream but you also knew that James needs to get up early for studio.
James had a little smirk on his face because he knew you to good.
“You are lucky I love you” he said and got up
“James it’s fine I’ll just sleep, you don’t need to go” you sniffled
Damn hormones you thought
“But sweetie I want ice cream I’ll be back in a few do you need anything else?”
“No thanks”
“Let’s just hope that your dad is not gonna take forever”
2 ½ months later Marc and David welcomed the world.
After 14 hours of pain.
You and James were beyond happy.
16years later:
You have 6 children 3boys and 3girls
right know you were in the baby’s nursery 3weeks ago you gave birth to your baby girl.
Let’s just hope this will be the last child.
And you and James were also not planning on having more kids.
But after all you wouldn’t want to change a thing you have everything you have ever wanted.

I wrote this on my phone so sorry for mistakes.
I hope you like it


It’s sort of like a thin line to walk on, because we have a lot of fans who love Big Time Rush and we don’t want to ever disappoint them. We want them to be fans of individuals whenever we go and do our own things – which I think they are, anyway. But we don’t want to end Big Time Rush in a way that’s going to make them go, “Well that fucking sucked.”

"Parallel" - Kendall Imagine.


[No ones POV]

Looking up from his string instrument, Kendall watched as his best friend since childhood, walk into his home. He smiles toward Y/N, and she return a smile. She walks closer to him, and took a seat next to him on the floor.

“Working on a song?” she asks, looking at the scatter music sheets laying across the tiles in front of him.

“Yeah"Kendall replies softly.

He plucks the same note he has been stuck on for a while now, thinking of what note should come next. Y/N watch him silently as Kendall escape his way out of writer’s block. He adds two more rhythm before Y/N open her mouth to speak again.

"Is this about finding love?” she ask him. Kendall nods.

“You guessed it.” He smirks toward her. Y/N giggles, making Kendall chuckle.

“I’m going to grab a drink.”

Kendall nods, allowing her to go into his fridge for a soda. The moment she walked out of the room, never before has Kendall felt a flutter erupt in his chest. He stops playing and rest his forearm on the instrument as he watch the big entrance, entering the kitchen. Did he finally feel what he was feeling?

After years of being single and delicate to a broken heart, he finally feels like this relationship will be the one. The one that will last forever. He can already see it happening.

“You sure are smiling like a dork” Y/N said, bringing Kendall back to the present. “Why? Found some good lyrics to use?”

“Uh, yeah” he lied. Y/N nods and takes a drink of her soda. Kendall continues to play a bit before he stops and look toward his best friend. “Can I take you somewhere tonight?”

“As a date?” Y/N asks suddenly. Kendall loos up as he think.

“No. It doesn’t involve dinner.”

“Um, alright. Where?”

“The Hollywood Sign.”

[Kendall’s POV]

Y/N slips into the passenger seat and looks at me as she shut the door. I give her a shy smile before I start the car again and begin driving. The drive didn’t take too long because we already live in the Hollywood area.

I find a parking spot along the mountain end. I get out and meet Y/N on the other side. She slips on a sweater.

“It is getting chilly now that the sun is setting” I said, looking up at the orange sky.

“Yeah, but I’ll be fine.”

We turn and start walking on the trail heading up the the sign on the low mountain top. Just as we reach the huge “D” cutout frame, the sun was gone and the sky has been replace with so many stars. I watch as Y/N admire the great Hollywood Sign. Soon, she turned in between the “Y” and “W”. From where I still stood, I watch her climb up the small hill behind the sign.

“Where are you going?” I ask, as I follow her. She giggles.

“Star gazing, I guess?” she says as she lays down flat on the grass.

I walk around her, then lay down above where her head face up. We look up at the stars peacefully until a quick sound of howling was heard. Y/N sat up quickly.

“There are wolves up here?” she asks, with a hint of fear in her voice. I chuckle.

“No. Y/N, Los Angles is below us. It just a dog barking.” Another dog howl then cough a small bark.

“Oh.” Y/N begins to laugh and lower herself again. Her head fell onto my shoulder and she hesitates. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright” I said.

Y/N remains her head on my shoulder. With this scene, I start thinking about the song I haven’t been able to finish earlier. I start humming to the lyrics, repeating the one that is for sure, on repeat in this new song.

“Cause maybe tonight, the stars align” Y/N sings out. I stop humming and laugh. She laughs back. Soon, we go silent. Y/N sighs. “Hey Kendall?”


“Do you ever think about who will be the girl? Like, do you have feelings for a girl at this moment? Do you think you met the girl you love - celebrity or not.” she asks. I stay quiet for a moment before I turn my head and find her looking at me from my shoulder.

“I hope this isn’t strange to you but… what if I say that I hope the one for me is…right in front of me now.”

I watch her face. After a few seconds, her expression does change. Only her eyes widen softly. Slowly, I lean in only an inch, until our lips connects. We may be off, because our kiss is upside down, but it is still counted as our first. She pulls back first and doesn’t bother to look at me again. She return her gaze toward the stars.

“I’m sorry” I whisper after a moment.

“For what?” she asks. I ignore her question. She knows what I’m talking about. “So. Do our stars align tonight? Into a parallel line?”

I turn my head and look at her in time to see her smiling big. I smile back. I softly nod in hope. This is the start of our future. The start of our own burning star.

Its funny how people never mention how 1D was a backing band for BTR when their career stared to take off