mine: bestie

Shoutout to internet friends. They are actually so important bc you connect with them through similar interests and even though they live half the world away you put effort into your friendship and talk (almost) every day and care about each other and it’s just so so nice. Unlike some of the school/uni friendships that are based on pure necessity and as soon as you graduate you never talk again because you don’t see each other.
Shout out to all my peeps whose besties live thousands of miles away.
Shout out to all my friends that I’ve never met, you make me happy and ily all dearly💙🌍

She pulled me out of all my crap. She was the bright light and the smiling eyes in the middle of my worst storm. And for some reason, my dark heart didn’t bother her. For some reason, I was enough. We wrote into the constellations at sundown, and she added the milk to my black coffee. She blew the dust away before it could cover my candles, and she wrapped her fingers around my heart to keep my prairies from flooding. She’s everything to me, and I don’t think she even knows it.
—  💜 - @itsfangirlalex

okay but Dex and Nursey’s arguments have definitely devolved into that thing that you’d always do to your younger siblings with the “Stop hitting yourself!” thing.

Dex will be like, “Why are you sitting so close to me? I don’t need you touching me.” So of course Nursey just has to like poke him or something, which naturally escalates to him grabbing Dex’s wrist and making him slap himself in the face, complete with, “Stop hitting yourself! Why are you slapping yourself Dex? Come on brah, get it together, can’t you control your own hands?”

At some point Dex just goes into Hulk Mode ™ and like tackles him onto the gross couch and there’s probably a lot of sexual tension idk.

Meanwhile, Chowder looks into the camera like he’s on the office and shakes his head. Kids these days.