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Whom do you think would be a good choice to play Kate Kane in the DCEU? I think she's the character I most want to appear.


My top choice:
Jennifer Connelly, gorgeous age appropriate Jewish woman plus experience in superhero movies. Her filmography clearly indicates she could take the role, whether it’s a dark noir secret society monster hunting mystery or a slightly comedic, troubled hero action movie.

Some other considerations:
Daniela Ruah, a bit on the younger side but clearly capable of action sequences and with a pretty decent career behind her I think she could pull it off well. PLUS Sephardic Judaism!!!

If we’re skewing eveeeen younger, Emmy Rossum. She’s proven herself as a great dramatic actress! She may not be able to pull off action, but given the chance I think she may do surprisingly well.

Also just for extra trivia my choice for Bette Kane is Odeya Rush obviously.


i just read the entire series today and i fell in love so fucking fast that i decided to make a post dedicated to me gushing over it

anyways guys for the love of god PLEASE read this series, volumes are being sold at Barnes and Noble and its also online! its so good and i cant believe people are sleeping on it

@evilmarguerite i hope i did ur amazing series justice!!

I was reading something on new DC heroes cuz I needed to see anyone I missed because of the batfam and when it was explaining Duke Thomas’s character as Lark it said, and I quote, “Duke…injects some color to the very white, black hair, blue-eyed Bat Family…” and…no.

The Bat Family are not what you think they are.

1) Kate Kane is Jewish. Due to many reboots, she has become Bruce Wayne’s cousin. Bruce Wayne is of Jewish descent. It is canon that Martha Wayne is Jewish, so there. End of argument.

2) Dick Grayson is of Romani origin. 

3) Jason Todd is of mixed heritage. Many in the fandom perceive him as Latino, which could very well be true. The surname “Todd” is either English or Scottish. The surname “Haywood” is English, but we do not know about Sheila or Willis’s history to be certain of his ethnicity. In DC Bombshells, he was Hispanic. While he was searching to find his true mother, Lady Shiva was considered to be an option, and since she said that she had no children yet is the mother of Cassandra Cain, she may actually be his mother. One of the reasons she may have lied about it is because she does not believe that Sandra Woosan(is it Woosan or Wu-San?) and Lady Shiva are the same people. Lady Shiva was a way for her to be reborn.

4) Cassandra Cain is the daughter of David Cain and Lady Shiva, making her half-Asian and completely badass.

5) Tim Drake is white, but since “Drake” is an Irish surname and DC screws up when it comes to Tim, we may never know the truth.

6) Damian Wayne is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. Talia is of Arabic and Chinese origin. 

7) Barbara Gordon is assumed to be of Irish descent, due to her red hair, but there are many possibilities. “Gordon” is of French, Scottish, Irish, and Jewish origin.  

8) It is canon that Stephanie Brown is white, but knowing DC, that can change any second. The surname “Brown” is of English, Scottish, Irish, and French descent.

Duke is the first confirmed black member of the batfam, but that does not mean the rest of them are black haired, blue-eyed stereotypical white people. Originally before the many reboots of DC, Jason had green eyes. Damian has green eyes. So honey, while I agree that Duke Thomas is an amazing black character, you should first get your facts straight before assuming that a character with black hair and possibly blue eyes is white. Do some research.


Superhero Aesthetics // Extended Batman Family

We may have began as the soldiers Batman built for his crusade. But we became something else, something he never expected. We started as an army. We chose to be a family. And if there’s hope for us… there’s hope for anyone.

Dick Grayson [x]

Barbara Gordon [x]

Tim Drake [x]


Happy Pride, featuring a lady from Marvel or DC or each color!

  • Red  - Batwoman
  • Orange - Julie Power
  • Yellow - Karolina Dean
  • Green - Viv Vision
  • Blue - Renee Montoya 
  • Purple - Karma

I also drew a version featuring gay male heroes. Check it out!