mine: batman


get to know me meme [16/50] Favorite Movies → Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

“There was a time above… a time before. There were perfect things… diamond absolutes. But things fall, things on Earth. And what falls… is fallen. In the dream, they took me to the light. A beautiful lie.”


The Bracelets of Submission are unbreakable, and Diana is swift enough to deflect bullets with them. Furthermore, when Diana crosses them to protect her from impact with larger projectiles as well as damage inflicted by explosions and collisions with hard surfaces, the bracelets generate a small energy shield. They can also be used offensively as well, by slamming them together. The resulting effect has been shown to temporarily incapacitate even Superman. Also because the bracelets were forged from Zeus’s shield, Diana has unlocked the ability to discharge electricity from her gauntlets.