mine: batgirl


some Ravenno commissions that have been featured before on this blog

the DC Beyond Universe’s Flash (Danica Williams) and Batgirl (Nissa)

Misty Knight (Marvel Comics)
Vixen / Mari Jiwe McCabe (DC Comics)
Virtue (DC Comics)
Skyboarder / Kim Hamilton (CSRC Storytelling)
Rocket / Raquel Ervin (Milestone Comics)
Storm / Ororo Munro (Marvel Comics)


The iScribble Batgirls altogether in one post! They started as an experiment to come up with images using only a mouse and three colors. Alas, I had to bend the three-color rule with Cass since her costume really only has two colors, cheated with Babs with four colors, and broke both rules with Nell. I also definitely need to work on varying my body types more. It was still a fun (if frustrating) series to work on, though.