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One morning, I opened my eyes
And wished I was dead
I want someone to kill me
In this loud silence
I live to understand the world
But the world has never understood me, why
No, that half is missing
It’s trying to hurt me
I miss me miss me, baby
I wish me I wish me, baby
Wish I could choose me

RM (BTS’ Namjoon) - Always

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Middle of the Night

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x Female Reader

Word Count: 3,655

Summary: You had managed to avoid the photos and old messages for a year now, but the moment you see them again, you know you have to see him - even if it is 3:00 in the morning.

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Mimi Pleaase I need your help, can you give me the link to the behind the scenes footage of BTS MCountdown comeback stage !! I've been seeing clips of it everywhere but couldn't find it !! Thank You , also Love you and your blog is really helpful i'm sure a loot of ARMYs appreciate it

Find BTS Mcountdown Backstage  HERE ^^

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BTS Reaction - You change in front of them

~ @smolchimmie :BTS reacts to you casually changing lingerie in front of them but also lowkey testing their patience 😏✨~


“Are you playing with me, sweetheart? You know bad girls get punished, right?”

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“God, you’re so hot. You’ll kill me one of these days, I swear.”

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“You’re so naughty, Y/n. Do you plan on teasing daddy all night, babygirl?

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Rap Monster:

“I can’t wait anymore, babe. On the bed, now.”

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“Why do you always get lingerie without me?” *checks you out* “But you know what I like, don’t you?”

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“You look hot, Y/n. You’d look better on top of me.”

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“Baby, you always tease me. I’ll have to show you whose in charge.”

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BTS Reaction - Their s/o acts mature and independent around people but becomes very childish around them


He would be surprised to see how you could transform from being so childish and playful whenever you two were together alone to someone very mature when around others. He was kinda glad actually, happy that he was the only one that got to see this side of you, your joking and more fun side. It was relatable to him because he’s the same, so he would reveal his childish side around you too.

“You bring out the child in me!”

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Jin would commend you for how you knew when it was time to act mature and professional and when you could act childish and playful. How you could change your whole personality was beyond him because despite his age he was always the one to act childish not really considering the seriousness of the situation. He felt he could learn from you and adapt your ways, but of course he loved your playful side more.

“Being playful is more fun“

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When you both first met you were very conservative and tried to act a few years above your actual age to try to fit in with the people you constantly had to be around when with Yoongi, but as the months past you grew more comfortable around him and started to show your true self, your childish and playful self. Yoongi was a little shocked when he first saw how you truly were but he loved this side of you more and he was happy to know that you felt comfortable enough to reveal this side of you to him.

“I admire you y/n”

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Hoseok was the most playful person you knew so your personalities matched perfectly, he felt like he could relate to your childish side and it just made you even more attractive. He like the idea of you showing your true self when you were around him, making him feel special that you were comfortable when you were with him. When you two were together there was no telling what would happen, there would be a lot of play fights and a lot of pranking the other members. All in all, whenever too were together it would be ciaos. 

“Let’s prank Jimin” he said with an evil smirk

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Jimin would find your hidden childish side extremely cute and it made him love you even more, he admired how your face would scrunch up into this cute expression when you didn’t get your way or how you would stomp your feet a little when you were upset. It totally contrasted with how you acted when around other people and it amazed him how someone who acted so mature and independent could be so childish and playful on the inside.

“This side of you jagi is way too cute”

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Tae was very childish himself so when he first meet you he was a little intimidated at your mature nature, but as time passed and you two became almost inseparable and you started to become more comfortable around him, he would be surprised but would feel a lot more relaxed and happy that you were quite actually alot like him with your hidden childish side.

“Teheheheee” you know his giggle

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Jungkook loved your childish side that only ever came out when around him, he loved the fact that you loved games just as much as him, he loved the cute expressions your face would turn into whenever you lost a game against him and all the other little things that you wouldn’t normally do around others. He was so accustomed to you being your true self when around him that it would always amaze him how your personality would change to being more mature when around other people.

“Haha don’t pout y/n, you should’ve known you can’t win against me” 

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