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Actor Stephen Furst of 'Animal House' Dies at 63
Actor Stephen Furst, who played Flounder in 'Animal House,' has died.

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Babylon 5 has lost another actor, Stephen Furst who played Vir Cotto. I myself only know him for this show but he has been in a host of other things.

He brought so much to his role as Vir, a character who could have easily been some two bit side character but wasn’t. He loved his fans, credited them with saving his life. 

He will be missed. I leave you with one of his more iconic scenes…..

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I have no words to express my sadness at learning of the passing of Stephen Furst today.  Thank you, you funny, lovely, brilliant man for bringing the wonderful Vir Cotto to life in a way no one else could have.  Thank you for the laughs, the smiles, and the heartwarming moments, and for your contribution to the greatest show that has ever existed.  Sleep in light.


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