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So I swear to fucking god, I LOVE Avatar: the Last Airbender but… Agh! They did the most cliche thing in serpents pass! So they’re trying to get the pregnant lady, her husband and her apparently mute sister/aunt/friend/whatever make it across serpents pass Abe to Ba Sing Se. And they make it across serpents pass and the pregnant lady goes into labor. Katara delivers the baby like a fucking badass and the parents are trying to decide on a name for the little girl.

They’re fucking going on about: “I want our daughter’s name to be unique, I want it to mean something”

Oh my fucking god, please don’t name your daughter Hope! That’s literally the highlight of post apocalyptic cliches. Little girl is born right after the apocalypse! Let’s name her Hope to remind us to be hopeful for the next 20 years as we raise our daughter in a fucking wasteland! Do you know how many little girls will be named Hope in the first year of the apocalypse?!?!

And I’m thinking “no, they’re not going to do that! That’s not how they name their characters. They don’t use western names for their characters”

But then Aang goes on this stupid fucking speech about how he’s going through a hard time since Appa went missing and how their newborn daughter gave him hope. So what do they fucking do?! They name her Hope!!

I get it! There are no western names in this show, so within this universe Hope would be new and unusual but as far as a writing-story-line perspective goes, no matter how unusual your characters’ names are, it’s still going to be cliche if you name a baby Hope during a time of serious conflict and turmoil. Agh!

Tl,dr: Avatar: the Last Airbender did a cliche thing and I’m pissed about it. Don’t name your characters Hope if you’re trying to be meaningful somehow. It doesn’t work


For some reason I had a hard time motivating myself to draw this week. I played a lot of Fallout 4 instead -guilt-

FINALLY the end of Chapter one!! I couldn’t really get around the “writing is supposed to be in Chinese” thing. So just pretend it is. xD

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Pandora: The World of Avatar by disneylori

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