mine: audrey parker


“ — Actually, it wasn’t, but… you know me. I like a challenge.”


I think you were fighting your destiny, and if left alone, maybe you might have even won. But I didn’t know that, and I came along and I sent you on that path and for that, I am truly sorry. I know how it feels, Duke, to be fighting to be the person, that you want to be when everyone is telling you to be someone else. Croatoan thinks that I’m his daughter. I… I look like her, I sound like her… Do you know how easy it would be to just say, “Sure, it’s good to see ya, Dad”, and stop being scared? I am so tired. I’m so tired of fighting my destiny. But I can’t give up, because when I look in the mirror, I only see me. I see the person that I truly am, the only person I want to be. So tell me, Duke. When you look in the mirror, when no one else is around… who… are… you?


Get to know me MEME - [2/10] Favorite TV Couples: NATHAN WUORNOS / AUDREY PARKER

“How could I ever do that? I will think about you every minute of every hour of every day, and that’s why I’ll be okay. After everything you’ve done for the people of this town, for me, Parker… You’ll be with me every time I feel something. You’ll be with me and all the people of this town whose pain you’ve taken away. With me and all the people who are free to live and grow without fear. When the sun finally shines down on Haven again. You’ll be with me and all the families that we put back together. And the ones in the world who suffered with Troubles too. You’ll be with me when Haven returns to the world and becomes the town we both know it can be. Every person that we gave hope, faith that something good could happen for all of us. You’ll be with me and every person who’s happy now, at peace, because of you, Audrey. I’ll never forget you. You will always be with me, and no matter what happens, I will always love you.”

I’m rewatching seasons 1-4 of Haven and I will literally never understand why so few people ship Duke x Audrey over Nathan x Audrey. It is shown time and time again that Duke knows her better, respects her more, will drop everything for her time and time again, honors her choices even when they aren’t the ones he’d like her to make, and understands her far better than Nathan. They violate each other’s trust but always come back together and so much of their character development is intertwined. Even their regular “banter” scenes have more chemistry than her and Nathan’s romantic ones. 

I mean





I mean I know it won’t ever happen, and I adore Nathan almost as much as I do Duke and Audrey, but I will be Daudrey trash until I die. 

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Edit: I apologize for putting this in the wrong tags. Honestly I wasn’t thinking. Hating on Nathan and/or Naudrey wasn’t what I wanted to do at all. I literally love Nathan, as I said above, and I do ship Naudrey. I never said I didn’t. The only thing I wanted to point out with this post was that I never understood why more people never shipped them.


Haven will never be the same, and I’m the one to blame for it.