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Gone Headcannons

FAYZ never happens…

Sam decides to into writing for a career. Sam and Caine learn about each other Junior Year. It does not go well.

Astrid goes into healthcare, like a doctor. Her and Sam date for like 4 months before breaking up.

Orc is going through rehab with Howard, and is trying to be a better person, which is a full time job.

Quinn goes into fishing, surfing, and a bunch water stuff for life. Quinn is demisexual, so hes single right now but, hes happy teaching little kids how to fish. 

Albert becomes the richest CEO before hes 25. He does everything and works alongside Caine.

Edilio becomes a cop and does so much charity work,,, later when he’s older he’s gonna run for mayor and win by a landslide. Edilio marries Roger and adopt two kids in their thirties.

Caine just goes into whatever adoptive parents do, i think they like do exports and things like that. Caine is trying to get Sam in a ‘good’ career, but Sam aint having any of it.

Diana goes into therapy, and yoga classes to keep herself calm. She also goes around America talking to PTSD victims like her.

Drake gets arrested for a hit and run death and is gone for 45 years.

Roger and Sam go to the college and Sam sets him and Edilio up,,, Roger also gets a job really early and gradutes. The show he goes on is really popular and he even gets to design a character.

Duck designs pools for a living. He rich and does lots of types of pools.

Lana is traveling through Europe getting a grip on her life and sends videos to her boyfriend, Sanjit. Lana’s gonna go into beauty school, and do body art, like special effects and tattoos.

Sanjit becomes an actor (Choo is a director fite me) and a comedian, who flies out to see Lana every few large cities or so. Sanjit lets Lana create him a tattoo, and he loves it. He also plays in one of the scripts Sam wrote. 

Patrick travels, too.

Hunter gets a job a pet shop, I don’t know why but I love this. He has a cat named Lion. Lion attacks the flies and bees that sneak into Hunter’s house, and brings them to him.

Brianna goes into derby dolls, and believe me she lives up to the name The Breeze. Her skates are pink, and blue with stickers everywhere.

Dekka runs a LGBT+ support group, and is going into teaching like 3rd graders or early development. Dekka also a history buff, so she likes to tell the kids that in 20 years people are gonna be looking up to them, and how amazing they’re gonna be.

Bug lives with his parents and trying to go to college. He isn’t a pervert anymore.

Computer Jack designs games, and he really famous for it. Albert sponsors him. 

Little Pete gets a Nintendo Switch. Astrid got it for him. 

Mary goes into fashion, along with Sinder and Jezzie who both run gardens across America. 

Dahra is finding herself college and going through the motions.

Zil and The Human Crew get educated and stop doing that racism crap.


Here’s Morgan’s take on Astrid the Genius

Featuring raw footage and sneak peeks of the set!

Reasons why the gone series was so cool!


1. The names! There was a lot to do with names- Sam and Caine, for starters. Samuel was a biblical figure that heard God and went to “Holy Light” (his powers). There is also a saying that i think comes from the Bible, which is “To raise Caine”. This means to cause a lot of chaos or commotion. Also- little Pete. As M.G said, Pete had “all power and no responsibility”. This stemmed from “With great power comes great responsibility”, from Spider Man. What was this dudes name? Peter Parker.

2. The way Gaia was green (well, the light in the cave, that is) and the way Sam’s mother appeared was in a mist of green. So, in the Great Gatsby, the main  character dude (Gatsby) sees this green light. Okay, so what? Well, the light represented his hopes and desires- a wish for the past and what he really wanted (this girl called Daisy). Think it’s pretty clear where that’s going.

Maybe this was obvious but I thought it was really cool! End point- M.G is a genius!!!!


Introducing Noah Bunger as the ultimate reluctant hero, Sam Temple

Fun fact: Noah has a twin!