mine: astrid ellison

ok but imagine a Gone AU where everything is the same but Diana and Astrid are the power couple 

  •  every time Caine tries to take control Diana just fake seduces him and then captures him and ruins his plans
  • Sam is just Astrid’s sweet af sidekick who does everything she asks because he knows shes right and doesn’t question her
  • Diana keeps Astrid’s anger in check
  • Astrid keeps Diana’s sass in check 
  • Dekka is happy b/c role models
  • imagine how organized everything would be
  • would Drake ever have gotten that powerful??? No because Astrid and Diana would recognize his bullshit together 

a mix for the ladies of the fayz. l i s t e n.

i’m fast . rawn erickson (for brianna)
miss jackson . panic! at the disco (for diana)
problem . natalia kills (for penny)
she’s a rebel . green day (for lana)
girls/girls/boys . panic! at the disco (for dekka)
smart girls . weezer (for astrid)
death valley . fall out boy (for gaia)
thiskidsnotalright . awolnation (for taylor)
underdog . you me at six (for mary)
dirty harry . gorillaz (for brittney)
talking in your sleep . attica riots (for orsay)
bad girls . M.I.A.


“Retard,” Drake said. “Say, ‘My brother is a retard.’”

Astrid didn’t trust herself to speak. She was choking back tears. She wanted to believe she was brave, but now, with the thug inches away from her, she knew that she was not.

“My. Brother. Come on, say it with me. My. Say it.”

The slap was so quick, she barely registered his hand moving. Her face burned.

“Say it. My…”

“My,” she whispered.

“Louder, I want the little retard to hear it. My brother is a retard.”

The second slap was so hard, she almost fell from the chair.

“You can say it while your face is still pretty, or you can say it after I’ve smashed it in—your choice. My brother is a retard.”

“My brother is a retard,” Astrid said, her voice shaking.

Gone Series Characters and their Favorite Websites

A definitive list


ok I have a theory that Sam would be awful with technology. Like he would be the last guy on earth to watch that “Evolution of Dance” video and he’d show it to you. Also Nyan Cat would still be funny to him


YouTube would be the love of her life because u can literally find anything on there. She’d subscribe to a million different people and tell Sam random facts. She would love the VlogBrothers and also Michelle Phan


don’t even try to argue this with me you all know he would be obsessed with reddit or imgur or something i know these things


caine is tricky. His internet habits would be hidden and probably impossible to figure out. So for that reason I’m going to say he only goes on Netflix as far as we are concerned


she is the queen of Instagram and Facebook. Her pictures get like 300 likes and her eyebrows are always on point


vine. Also probably something where people talk about killing animals for fun


this dude would love probs like tumblr and he would reblog artsy shit cause he is a v serious motherfucker and Roger and he would bond over this. I also sense a lowkey social justice blogger in him


I feel like she would still go on like addictinggames or something and she would also watch fail compilations on YouTube


8tracks. Do they ever talk about her loving music??? I haven’t read the books in like 4ever but I can see her sitting in her bedroom blasting an angsty playlist that sanjit made specially for her. Cause he listens to the music she likes so he can get to know her better


she is a huge gamer. What’s that thing… Steam ?? Is that it?? Wherever tf you can download free games Dekka is there


webmd. no question.


Albert would read Forbes on the daily. Cause it’s kind of real and also has to do with money. Him and Quinn would also bond over reddit


the strongest among you may not wear a crownthe girls of gone - a fanmix

Brick - Ben Folds Five [x]

can’t you see, it’s not me you’re dying for, now she’s feeling more alone, than she ever has before, she’s a brick and I’m driving slowly  

Laughing With - Regina Spektor [x]

no one laughs at God on the day they realize the last thing they’ll ever see’s a pair of hateful eyes, no one’s laughing at God when they’re saying their goodbyes

Citizen/ Soldier - 3 Doors Down [x]

beyond the boundaries of your city’s lights, stand the heroes waiting for your cries, so many times you did not bring this on yourself, when that moment finally comes, I’ll be there to help

Tonight - Lykke Li [x]

you walk the surface of this town, the high heels above the ground, and high horses that we know, keep us safe until the night

Guns Out - Young the Giant [x]

get out your guns it’s time to start a fight, whoa and it won’t take too long, I want to make it right

A Bad Dream - Keane [x]

I wake up it’s a bad dream, no one on my side, I was fighting, but I’m too tired to be fighting

Dead Wrong - The Fray [x]

I’m doing the best that I could, trying my best to be understood, maybe I’m changing slowly

How It Ends - Devotchka [x]

and in your heart, you know it to be true, you know what you gotta do, they all depend on you