mine: aos

Ok you know what pisses me off the most about the Agents of SHIELD fandom?

People who are wishing for it to be canceled.

And look, I’ve said the same thing about Arrow and I ignore it when people say it about my favorite shows, but let me tell you a little something.

Agents of SHIELD is the most diverse cast I’ve ever seen. Who is the biggest badass? A middle aged Asian woman. Who was her ex husband? A black man. Who is the young protagonist? Another Asian woman. Who is the big strong mechanic? Another black man. Who are the two Inhumans they recruit? A Colombian who had to learn English and a gay Latino man who frequently spoke Spanish with her.

There’s a lot more, but I think you get my point.

And who’s the main love story? Two white people who aren’t even American. I mean, hell, even their white people are diverse.

And some of you are mad about what happened with Ward and Lincoln, and some of you don’t like where this story is going, but this show has done so much for diversity. I hated how shows like Arrow can be considered diverse just because of one black person. No. Give me my Asians and Hispanics and gays and privileged people and people from the streets and people of all ages and people in interracial relationships.

As a comic book fan who has read Secret Warriors, I love Agents of SHIELD. There were admittedly some things they did I wouldn’t have agreed on, but it’s an interpretation of the story (an actual interpretation and not just shitting on the source material).

If you don’t like the show, fine. Don’t watch it. But don’t you dare call for its cancellation. People on this site are always calling for diversity, and if a show like this is cancelled, they won’t look straight at the story. They’ll look at the people representing it.