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If it's not a bother, can you draw annabeth in E2 (sleeves too long for her) and I agree with you. Demidorks is a quality blog. P. S. YOU DRAW AWESOMELY!

Annabeth in the shirt from that challenge.

Thank youu!! Sorry for taking this long to draw the requests, you know, finals… ( @demidorks you can’t deny it, you really are a quality blog ;) )

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Can we get some Percabeth headcannons for old times sake? And maybe some Jercy moments too

  • They decide that New Rome really doesn’t fit them, and they stay in New York for college. They do spend a few post-college years there to help get their young adult lives together, but move back east when they’re ready to start a family. 
  • (This one is a little NSFW, but Jercy moment) While they’re in college, they didn’t really party, but they did spend one Spring Break in California with Piper and Jason for some casual debauchery. The four of them tossed around the idea of a 4-way, but decided against it because it would end in one of two ways: the two couples just awkwardly having sex next to each other, or Annabeth and Piper having sex next to Jason and Percy. So they settle for a fun game of spin the bottle, which did feature pretty hot and heavy jercy and pipabeth kisses. 
  • The two of them go to the New York Pride Parade every year, rocking their respective pan and bi pride gear. 
  • Percy’s favorite movies are the Guardian’s of the Galaxy movies, and nearly died when Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) was in the second film, because he remembered his mom playing that song every year at Montauk Beach. 
  • They don’t get married until they’re closer to thirty, because they don’t see the point in getting married until they’re more financially stable. they get married when they’re 28, on the beach of course. Apollo nearly insisted on being the wedding singer, but Sally convinced him to just DJ. 
  • If he’s being honest, Percy was ready to start having kids right out of college (even though he knew that was unreasonable). Once they were married, Annabeth asked to wait a few more years to have kids. They started trying when they were 32, and had trouble conceiving at first. Annabeth nearly convinced herself she was already going through menopause. 
  • Their first kid is a boy, and their second kid is a girl. Then they decide to adopt another girl - an abandoned demigod daughter of Hermes that Leo was fostering. 

Is Percy Jackson claustrophobic? I’m asking because, well…

“Annabeth was on a dark hillside, shrouded in fog. It almost seemed like the
Underworld, because I immediately felt claustrophobic and I couldn’t see the sky above—just a close, heavy darkness, as if I were in a cave.”

“I’d almost mastered my jumpy nerves when I saw the tiny little elevator car we were going to ride to the top of the Arch, and I knew I was in trouble. I hate confined places. They make me nuts.” -TLT

1st day of pipabeth!! for the @lgbtqpjo 4k month, this is a first kiss + first date set of headcanons! (they’re a bit rubbish, sorry)

- so their first date was to this cute little diner, with a fifties theme that piper absolutely loved, and the suggestion had been from reyna. annabeth was the one who asked pipes out, and had been quite nervous about it.

- so the diner is all fifties like, with the grease soundtrack playing as they walked in, all neon signs and jukeboxes and milkshakes. they choose the end booth, which is lit by one lightbulb hanging above it, and a red neon sign with ‘hey!’ hanging on the wall.

- piper orders the vegetarian burger with onion rings and a soda, and annabeth the same. they’re giving each other major heart eyes, and piper fiddles nervously with her rings under the table, as annabeth slings a hand over her shoulder

- after they eat, they find out that tonight is the dance night (basically all the couples get up and dance to fifties music). piper insists that they join, and while annabeth protests, piper hauls her onto the dance floor as “you’re the one that i want” starts playing. annabeth is in skinny jeans, and refuses, while piper just says “if sandy can do it in leather pants and high heels you can do it in your chucks.”

- cue piper knowing ALL the dance moves, having watched the movie a million times, and annabeth being mesmerised, because wow, how is she so good at this??

- she’s telling annabeth what to do like a mad lady, singing along, while annabeth looks at her with amazing love in her eyes. she’s so pretty, and annabeth cannot believe that she got a date with her, the beauty queen of camp half blood. heck, she was lucky that chiron was letting them go out on a date, as the restaurant was a mile out.

- piper snatches her out of her thoughts by waving a hand in front of her face, smiling. she cups annabeth’s cheek with a rough hand and pulls her closer, and annabeth can only focus on the fact that piper smells amazing, and then they’re kissing in the middle of the diner, and it is so perfect