mine: anna sophia robb

Imagine Sebastian Kydd looking at you like you are the one for him, like he knows that there is no one else he wants to be with, just you.   

ps: not my gif

anonymous asked:

Didn't Chris date Anna sophia from carrie diaries, nina, and kat?

Non of those relationships have ever been said to be romantic ones as far as i’m aware. Nina and Chris were once thought to be dating (thought by fans because of seeing one photo of them together at an event) before revealing they were in fact just friends - they simply did a charity event together and were on the same show. Kat Graham and Chris have never revealed to have dated either, and as far as i’m aware (correct me if i’m wrong) Kat was engaged up until last year. And Anna-Sophia Robb and Chris likewise. Just because a celebrity is spotted on set, on instagram or on one outing together does not instantly mean they’re in a relationship. With most of these, people have misconstrued an onscreen romance/chemistry for real. (’: