mine: anna karenina


Konstantin Levin is my favorite male character in all of literature. My love for him is impossible to describe and put into words. I fell for this awkward, shy, intelligent, and compassionate man as soon as he appeared on the pages. If I ever have a son, I’m naming him Konstantin Levin.

“But Levin did not shoot himself or hang himself and went on living.

When Levin thought about what he was and what he lived for, he found no answer and fell into despair; but when he stopped asking himself about it, he seemed to know what he was and what he lived for, because he acted and lived firmly and definitely; recently he had even lived much more firmly and definitely than before.“

–Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina (2012) Drinking Game.

Drink every time Count Vronsky is hot.

Drink every time you are aroused by Count Vronsky.

Drink every time you wish you were Keira Knightley in that movie.

Drink every time you wish you had Count Vronsky spanking you and riding you as hard as he did Frou-Frou (except without the broken back and shooting. Lolworthit.)

What’s that? Looks like you’re akready shitfaced, the movie isn’t even halfway through. What’s that across the other side of the room? Your damp underwear. Have fun.