mine: angel


CASI ÁNGELES MEME (in cooperation with @ca-gifs)
13 of 70 scenes ★ 4x32 “nunca volveré a amar”

I love you. And if it’s necessary to die to get rid of this love, then I swear that’s what I’ll do. I will get rid of it… and I will hate you, Mar. Until I forget about you. And when that happens, when I feel nothing for you anymore, I swear I will never love again. Never again.

how to look like A Delicate Angel
  • wear light colors, like white or cream or dusty pinks and blues
  • thrift flowy skirts and dresses
  • sport small gold or rose gold jewelry 
  • wear pastel velvet chokers 
  • lounge in satin nighties even when you’re alone 
  • wear lace bralettes even when you’re alone 
  • leave your hair down and pin straight or loose curls
  • keep a natural hair color 
  • wear ankle socks with lace 
  • apply shimmery pale eyeshadows 
  • apply light colored lip glosses 
  • buy shimmery lipsticks 
  • use pink blush 
  • wear matte nail polishes
  • put small amounts of body glitter on collarbones 
  • spray airy perfumes on your neck and inner forearms 
  • apply floral scented lotions 
  • be yourself 🌟