mine: aliya mustafina


OMG I knew Aliya was doing well in her comeback but I didn’t think she would have a DLO and full in back at this point… wow

The thing that needs to be said

As some of you may know, i am from Russia. We (Russians) are always being told that the whole world hates us and is afraid of us, because we are strong and special as fuck (yeah yeah, that’s kind of dumb, i know). But, sadly, we grow up with the feeling that we are all alone, that no one in the world will ever support us in something, that we must only rely on ourselves and so on.
There are people from States, from Europe who cheer our gymnasts, who know who the hell Aliya Mustafina is, how many medals had she won, they even have their inside jokes about Beefarm™ and others! Like, how insane it is!??
I can tell you that there is nothing more heartwarming for a Russian than a foreigner that actually knows stuff about our country and who likes us!
Sport unites, guys. Sport unites.