mine: alfie allen


With an actor father and a producer mother, surely that must have opened doors into the world of film and TV? “Look, if you’re a plumber and your son wants to be a plumber too, are you going to tell him, ‘Go and make your own fucking way of it, mate - I’m not going to help in the slightest’? But I was never offered any parts for just being their son. Once you get into that audition room, nobody gives a shit who your parents are - no one will watch a movie just because Keith Allen’s son’s in it. People have always pointed it at me, but it’s something I’m definitely over. I think it’s just jealousy half the time, people saying that.” - Alfie Allen for FHM Collections S/S 2014


I’m on the beach in Ibiza and I get this conference call from the writers. They go, ‘so we’re thinking about bringing you back as a zombie. How do you feel about being a zombie with absolutely no dialogue whatsoever?’ ‘Okay, cool, I’m up for that.’ Then they go, ‘And you’re naked all the time.’ At which point I realized it was a wind-up. But then it got quite touching when they said, ‘come on, after the job you’ve done this year, do you really think we’d get rid of you?’


Michael McElhatton (Roose Bolton) bets Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) to dance in front of The Killers’ crowd and then pays up when he does as Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) watches on.