mine: alex russo

Character’s Bonniebird Isn’t allowed to look after should they ever magically become real

My Friend keeps a list and it has reasons xD thought i’d share.

1. Jerome Valeska:

Me: Isn’t he cute, little blood covered pumkin.

Friend: He just killed like all of Gotham’s cops

Me: But he’s so happy, that cuties going to sleep so well

Friend: No, that is… no.

2. Klaus Mikaelson:

Friend: Its is not ok to keep uncontrollable hybrids in captivity when you A. can’t control them and B plan to feed them on a diet of your enemies (Of which you have none)

3. Saphira the Dragon:

Friend: You cannot keep a dragon in your house, It will burn.

Me: I’ll live outside with it.

Friend: no internet, no electricity, cold, no plumbing and I can’t have a unicorn so you can’t have a dragon

4. Captain Kirk:

Friend: He’s mine you can’t have him.

Me: But…

Friend: Mine!

5. Theo Raeken

Me: He is soooo cute!

Friend: Didn’t he kill all the people you like?

Me: no he just tried to.

Friend: If he comes to life surly they would to and they’d be in danger, also he sound evil

6. Void Stiles

Friend: No

Me: But

Friend: No!

Me: Fine

7. Demon Dean

Friend: Would you let him kill who he wants because he’s hot?

Me: Um… I guess i’d try and avoid it?

Friend: Then no you can maybe have normal Dean… as long as he clean out my ghosts for free

Me: Ghosts?

8. Alex Russo

Friend: You’d get in to much trouble and she wouldn’t help you out of it.

Me: You might actually be right on that one.

Friend: excuse me your blond vampire wolf guy would eat you before you explained your plan.

Me: No he wouldn’t he’d just trick me into working for him