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Cow Chop Christmas Giveaway!

I have a little over 2K followers now and with Christmas ( or whatever holiday you celebrate ) coming up, I wanted to do something nice for the Cow Chop fandom. So, I’m doing a little giveaway!


-You can like/reblog this post to enter. Reblog as many times as you want, just don’t be annoying. No giveaway blogs, etc. etc.

-You don’t have to follow me ( unless you want to because I post Cow Chop and dank memes ) but you DO have to be in the Cow Chop fandom

-The giveaway ends Monday, December 5th at midnight.

-There will be two winners who will be randomly chosen

-Unfortunately due to high shipping costs I can’t have the prizes shipped outside of the US unless you’re willing to pay the extra. Sorry :(


-The two winners will get any style/size Cow Chop shirt OR anything from the Cow Chop store $25 or less.

That’s about it. Thank you all SO MUCH for 2k followers and I hope you all have an amazing holiday season. Good luck!

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