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So.. I played animal jam when rare headdresses were the rare item monday. I bought more than 30 of them (NOT EXAGGERATING). For years, they weren’t worth much. I traded them for GARBAGE OR RECYCLED THEM. When they got rare I didn’t have any left. If I hadn’t been such an idiot I would be so rare now ahhhjvdsbkjgjbjsdxkjf

I actually feel like i’m gonna throw up whenever I think of this tbh lol rip me

Dark Lust (AJ Styles One Shot)

Warnings: 18+ only!! NSFW, language, rough sex, choking

Read at your own risk!!

Skin slapped against damp skin. Thick fingers gripped my hips in a bruising hold from behind as AJ Styles’ cock pistoned in and out of my wet pussy. Each hard thrust had me practically sliding up the wooden table he had me bent over. My hands gripped the sides of the table until my knuckles turned white in an effort to hold on to no avail.

“Tell me you’re mine!”, AJ snarled, slapping my ass with an open palm. My skin was tender, no doubt red as well, with each slap. I shut my eyes tight against the sharp sting, the room echoing the sound. “Tell me!”
Again, refusing just to piss him off, I didn’t reply. Hell, I damn near laughed. It was beyond fun to fuck with him and not submit when he wanted me to.

AJ released his hold on my hips and pulled out of my body. I whimpered at the loss. He grabbed a fistful of my hair to bring me back up to standing and turned me around so he could crash his lips to mine and invaded my mouth with his expert tongue. I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck, my hands sliding into his damp hair. I could feel my juices easing down my thighs. He pulled away from me and placed his hands on my shoulders to force me to my knees. I went gladly.

AJ’s cock was thick and long, the reddened mushroom head glistening with a mixture of my juices and his pre-cum. It was definitely well worth admiring but even better to taste as I wrapped my lips around him. My eyes closed in ecstasy as I sucked and ran my tongue along the underneath side of his cock and over the vein to still his release. His hands gripped my hair as he threw his head back and moaned. I placed my hands to the tops of his muscular thighs and could feel how tense he was. He was holding back, trying not to come, as he started fucking my mouth. He brought his head down to look at me as his breathing became labored. I looked up at him, bringing a hand from his thigh to caress his balls and AJ tipped his head back again, letting out a shout as hot cum splashed across my tongue. I swallowed every drop.

AJ stepped back and pulled me to my feet again. He turned me and pushed me towards the couch, bending me over the arm. He spread the cheeks of my ass and using my own juices to coat his fingers, he gently slid two of them inside me. My back bowed and I let out a shout of pleasure, gripping and twisting the fabric of the couch pillow. AJ pulled his fingers from my ass and slipped them inside my pussy, curling  them up to meet my g-spot and I saw stars.

“Yours! I’m yours!”, I finally screamed. AJ then removed his fingers only to replace it with his cock and I screamed again as another orgasm hit me. I could feel my juices leaking out of my pussy and knew his cock was coated. He thrust harder and deeper and reached around to place his hand around my throat and lightly squeezed. I tightened the hold I had on the pillow, sure I would break a nail.

“AJ, please…I can’t take anymore”, I panted. I felt as if my body would snap. My legs felt as if they were on fire as I tried to keep myself up. His cock started fucking up into my pussy even harder. It was like being fucked by a damn jackhammer.
“You can and you will, darlin’”, AJ replied between breaths. “I want all of you”. Seriously? Was there anything left to give? The hand at my throat traveled down to my right breast and squeezed before going down farther to my clit. I tipped my head back and screamed his name as if it were a prayer, my orgasm all but blinding me. I could feel AJ’s cock pulsing as he came inside me. The combination of us both ran down my thighs as I fell against the arm of the couch with AJ half collapsing on top of me.
“Next time, do as I ask or no coming until I say so. You got off easy this time, darlin’. Don’t abuse my leniency”, he said gruffly and walked around me to plop down on the couch. I eyed him, knowing he would do just that and grinned.

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The new stream, once again, Bepper is being an insufferable prick and a snotty brat. She’s 16.. “ARE U HARD OF HEARING!?” “THIS IS MY DEATH TO ZIOS SECTION. HE MADE MIRA CRY PHANTOMS I DON’T CARE IF THAT ISN’T THE LORE ANYMORE. IT HAPPENED.” Then when Snowyclaw tried explaining, the only thing she said was “bu-” and Bepper just “I DON’T CARE. HE HURT MIRA”.