mine: adventure time

Signs as Adventure Time characters
  • Aries: Jake the dog
  • Taurus: Lsp
  • Gemini: Princess Bubblegum
  • Cancer: Lemongrab
  • Leo: Fin the human
  • Virgo: tree trunks
  • Libra: Ice king
  • Scorpio: Peppermint Butler
  • Sagittarius: Marceline
  • Capricorn: Gunter
  • Aquarius: Lady Rainicorn
  • Pisces: Bmo

An article said that the Subscription variant was an homage to the Avengers Vs X-men first issue, so I figured I’d make a post putting them together.

Then I just decided if there’s an homage/reference in a AT/RS cover of something else I’d just point it out too, even if it’s obvious, just for the sake of. That’s why I added the AT title card and the cover based on it too.

Also while I’m at it the Galaxy Blade from Brilliant Century Duck Crisis (and of course the summer time lovin’ tape from This is My Jam) is in that bottom cover, which is cool.

Certainly looking forward to August and the upcoming issues and their covers. I wonder how many issues there will be, 5-10 is a decent estimate I guess.

  • Finn: I have mom AND dad issues.
  • Fern: I have an identity crisis.
  • Finn: I almost killed my father for REVENGE!
  • Fern: I almost killed my WIZARD for REVENGE!
  • Finn: My boy flesh burns up when I'd kiss her.
  • Fern: Same thing with me but with GRASS!
  • Jake: What are you two sqwarking about?
  • Finn: Competing to see which of us has a worse chance with Flame Princess?
  • Jake: Oh...because...you're interested in her again?
  • Fern: PFFT-of course not!
  • Finn: We just like addressing how terrible we are so we can improve as people so no-one who potentially would love us in the future would hate us.
  • Jake: HYEE-you two need to focus on your positive attribu-
  • Jake: Fine, ignore my advice, I only got an almost wife, five generally stable kids, and enough emotional stability to fill that hole on the other side of the planet that we never talk about for some reason.