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You’re a Pipe Dream, Part 4

*A Smoke Shop/Hippie AU (Now on AO3)

Renee was sitting on the hood of Andrew’s car, arms crossed over her chest, feet resting on the curb. Her pastel tinted hair was tied back tight and pinned to her skull; she had learned early on that Andrew fought dirty and would use any advantage, including yanking loose hair or a ponytail. Not that Renee played by the rules, either. Andrew had suffered from more than a few kicks to the groin that left him limping and surly.

Andrew unlocked the car and Renee slid into the passenger seat. She didn’t bother trying to talk to him and gazed absently out the window, a small smile on her lips. They drove until they got to the court and Andrew punched in the code to let them in. The halls were dark and echoed with their footsteps. Andrew moved quicker, wanting to get out of the tunnel-like space and onto the open court.

The massive space dwarfed them. Without the team to distract him or the crowd to fill the seats Andrew felt uneasy; the area was too large to keep track of. He tried to imagine bringing Rain here: what would the wary runaway make of this place? He remembered Rain’s bizarre reaction to hearing that he and Kevin and Nicky played Exy; it was like the kid had seen a ghost. What was going on with him? Runaway, victim, liar. Andrew didn’t like those variables.

He and Renee did their warm-up stretches and then faced off, circling each other. Andrew put aside his concerns about Rain and focused on Renee, she was a crafty fighter and if he let his guard down he would pay for it. Renee extended her arm towards him, palm up, and beckoned him with her fingers, a cocky grin on her usually serene face.

“We’re not in a fucking martial arts film, Walker,” Andrew growled.

“Language, Minyard,” Renee reminded him.

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i was never afraid of monsters under my bed.
i was too busy looking for monsters around corners.
under my bed were shadows,
around corners were heavy hands,
under my bed were dust bunnies,
around corners were shouts that shook walls.

under my bed was never a thing to fear.
around corners were bigger, badder things than me.
under my bed i hid letters,
around corners i couldnt hide shit.
under my bed i hid weapons,
around corners i couldnt protect anything.
under my bed i hid vodka, the only warmth i had.
around corners the world was finally fucking numb.

i dont think i couldve ever been afraid of what was under my bed.
even if there were monsters there.
even if there were demons.
even if it was a door to hell itself.
under my bed were my secrets.
under my bed was a bit like home.

under my bed felt right because that’s where monsters belong.
after all, i’m a monster too.

—  aaron minyard: a history

I don’t want to sound dramatic™ but if there’s no ~twist and it turns out that Robert really is the father of Rebecca’s baby then I will literally never get over it or ever forgive Emmerdale for doing this to Robron lmao

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My god, you are so beautiful.

It’s Sunday morning, or they pretend like it is. It’s actually gone one in the afternoon, but bed hair and morning breath and hands curled around the first cup of tea of the day suggest otherwise. Aaron cups a yawn in his palm, his eyes watery and crusted around the edges. The unrelenting summer heat made it hard to sleep last night, and he’s feeling it now.

‘My god, you are so beautiful.’

Aaron blinks his husband into focus. Robert is gazing at him across the breakfast table, equally bleary and full of sleep. Aaron loves seeing Robert like this. Soft and unguarded, before he slips on his arrogant mask and goes out to face the world in the only way he knows how.

‘You keep saying that word,’ Aaron says. He feels flustered, like this is their first date.

‘What? Beautiful?’

Aaron nods. ‘Yeah. And I don’t know what you mean by it.’

Robert considers of a moment, looking down at his empty cereal bowl.

‘I mean everything by it.’

‘And what does that mean?’

Robert looks up, a smile tickling the corners of his mouth. ‘That you’re amazing. That you’re kind and funny and gorgeous. That you mean everything to me. That I love you.’

Aaron feels a blush creep over his cheeks because God, Robert needs to prepare him for when he says stuff like that out of nowhere. He looks down at his own hands.

‘You’re beautiful, too.’