mine: a song of ice and fire

A Song of Ice and Fire logic

the ice zombies are killing us all
if only we had known

*every brother of the Night’s Watch screams in frustration from the afterlife*


surely no dragons can come from a massive continent we know nothing about which was the original birth place of dragons  - every Westeros lord ever


surely the slaves we beat and torture every day and which outnumber us 10 to 1 wont dare rise against us eventually  - every Volantene slave master ever


surely building our entire civilisation on active volcanoes and actively mining into them wont end bad, cause we’re the lords of fire - every Valyrian ever


i’m sure the ever increasing amount of maniacs and psychopaths sitting on the throne isn’t a result of my ancestors inbreeding for centuries - every Targaryen ever


i m sure Walder Frey who is known to hold a grudge forever wont try to harm me after shitting on his honour - every Robb Stark ever


“The origins of the Citadel are almost as mysterious as those of the Hightower itself. Most credit its founding to the second son of Uthor of the High Tower, Prince Peremore the Twisted. A sickly boy, born with a withered arm and twisted back, Peremore was bedridden for much of his short life but had an insatiable curiosity about the world beyond his window, so he turned to wise men, teachers, priests, healers, and singers, along with a certain number of wizards, alchemists, and sorcerers. It is said the prince had no greater pleasure in life than listening to these scholars argue with one another. When Peremore died, his brother King Urrigon bequeathed a large tract of land beside the Honeywine to “Peremore’s pets,” that they might establish themselves and continue teaching, learning, and questing after truth. And so they did.”

The World of Ice and Fire (p. 216)