mine: Kiwi Puppy


A couple of days later - a couple of very anxious days later - Philippa called me up and said “we’d like to offer you the role.” And I was so shocked that I actually got the role, I went into complete New Zealand mode which is underplay everything and went “ok, that’s pretty good, that’s great.” And she’s like “yeah, Peter really liked it and we’d like you to play Fili” and I was like “well that’s good. That’s just great.” And inside I was like “oh my god!”


from audition to the big screen ± dean/fili

“…I came to it 3 or 4 months after everyone had started. It had its challenges, I think, because there was this thing that was happening and I was like ‘what’s going on’, like 'what do they do, what’s happening with the prosthetics’ and I was sort of walking around like a deer in the headlights.”