mine: 8 out of 10 cats

  • J'onn : Detective Sawyer, can you please tell us what will you bring to the team.
  • Maggie : I'm gonna bring my detective skills,compassion, integrity,a great aim and I think I might be immortal.
  • Winn : Sorry, you think you're immortal ?!
  • Maggie : I've never died.

anonymous asked:

The cringe culture is disgusting. I remember seeing like a warriors problematic fan video or something and it brought all these "bad" pictures of warriors obvs drawn by younger fans and they were like "ugh kids like these want to get into art college good luck with a portfolio like this" and that was like the turning point for me to like cut cringe culture out of my life permanently

When I was 8-10 years old I was drawing dragons that looked more like blobs. When I was in middle school I couldn’t draw the left hand eye of cats so I covered them up with things like flowers, leaves, or bramble patches depending on the character. Some digital drawings of mine from 4 months ago make me want to hide my face, and I’m 22. But god, I kept going. If a kid draws an anatomically strange cat with purple eyes and rainbow fur, let them do it. No one is “good” when they start out, or even for a while. A lot of people still probably label my current art as “bad”.

But I’m also learning. I went years without drawing almost anything at all, but here I am still working at it.

If someone is working and learning, then they’re entitled to having their work be praised. I’m so sick of people being cruel to young and/or inexperienced artists. Let them draw. Let them learn. Tell them to keep going.

Delete cringe culture.