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Hi I'm easytheresatan (tumblr won't let me use that blog for some reason). I was scrolling through notifications on my posts when I saw you reblogged my BNHA comic (the "You know what's not lame? Safety" one with Iida and Bakugou) in June. I just wanted to say thank you SO much! You are a fantastic artist and I've followed you for a while now, so it means a lot to me that you enjoyed my comic! I know you must get 100s of asks a day, but I just wanted to say thank you and have a great day!!


you’re welcome!!!! and thank you for sending this!!! i really enjoyed that comic a lot and aaaahhh jkdl;ahkl;gsakhl; you are too kind khlds;ahgla;g

hope you have a great day too!!!

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For a minute i got super confused when i saw you bring up lucario because i thought you were talking about the newest pokemon movie, which also happens to have a lucario

[in reference to this post]



1/2/3/4/5 for Friday.
  • On Justice League: There was enough here for me to enjoy it. It’s far from perfect, and as with virtually all superhero movies, the villain is one of the big weak links, and it is no different here. Also, the CGI at times was just not good. That being said, I loved seeing these characters together. Ezra Miller is the big standout. Seriously, he’s great. There are some really geeky moments that made me smile big (especially the damn end credit scene, which for me was great) but the mid credit scene was also great for other reasons. One thing I will also say, the DCEU movies get criticizedfor being too dark, and serious, then get criticized for being too light, and funny.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  (Tangent, I know most say Loki has been the best villain in the MCU so far but IMO it’s been both Ronan, and The Red Skull).
  • My designer is sick, and just called in. Fine by me because the last thing I want is to be sick during my long weekend next week. Fuck that shit.
  • One of the salesmen had nearly 2 weeks to send in a design request for a hot order, he sends it after hours last night and asked for it to be rushed through? Yeah, not gonna happen.
  • Another beer release tomorrow at my favorite LA brewery, so you know I’ll be there, hah!
  • I have so much apathy toward the holidays. Mostly due to the fact that for once I would love to have something of a normal holiday season. That will never happen. I can at least take solace in the days off I have. It is something I’ve grown to accept years ago, and it’s fine. I think I’ll go see Coco on Turkey day.

Happy Friday.

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Yooooo, all ur posts about Bakugou are so amazing. I didn't like him at all but I keep up on everything you have to say about him. And it made me see from his perspective. I relate to him more than I realized. Thank you !

aaaaaaahhh i’m glad to hear that!!!! thank you for telling me, i’m always happy to know that my meta on him has changed people’s opinions of him

thanks again!!!! <333

fics that i’ll hopefully write someday :  brienne/sansa, rapunzel au

“Brienne, I trust you will be the person who finally brings my daughter back home.”


“What was my mother like ?”

“She loved as easily as she abandoned.”


bom dia, boa tarde, boa noite
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i’m studying a hundred miles away from home. my environment changes me. i have absorbed the values of people from all over the country. i created a new home, a new way of thinking. and the thing that i learn most is to let go. knowing that if something is for me, never in a million years would it be for someone else.